Comments Today From A Local Reader In Dickinson, North Dakota

Below I have copied the comments that I received today from a local reader in Dickinson, North Dakota.  I am cautioning you now, that these comments will probably be offensive and upsetting to most people.

The purpose for me copying these comments and showing them, is so that everyone can see the hostility, hatred, anger, resentment, and unfriendliness that there is in Dickinson towards people from out of state.

All the members of the Chamber of Commerce can smile for the camera, all the real estate agents shown in the property listing guides can smile for the camera, and the Catholic Priests can smile in thier photographs, but Dickinson, North Dakota is full of hatred.

Here are the comments, just from today:

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Even though you might think that this is despicable, the local person who wrote these comments actually did something that was helpful.  If you asked and asked the local people in Dickinson, what they felt, and what they believed, they wouldn’t tell you.  Because this commentor was confident about their anonymity, they went ahead and said what they thought.

I have been writing for several years that the local people in Dickinson are hateful, hostile, uncooperative, mean, not helpful, and undermining at work, especially to out of state workers.  Now that you can see that this is true, please consider this when evaluating whether you want to live and work in Dickinson, North Dakota.

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