Background Check On Employers In Dickinson, North Dakota

You read that correctly, Background Check On Employers In Dickinson, North Dakota.  I recommend to everyone, that if you are going to apply to work at a company in Dickinson, North Dakota, you perform a background check on your employer.

There is a fairly large company in Dickinson, where I applied to work once in approximately 2014.  Though I was well qualified, or perhaps over qualified for the position that I applied for, I did not hear anything from this company after I applied.

Employers anywhere, have their own personal beliefs and preferences for who they would like to hire.  Some employers want employees who stay at the same job for many years, other employers want employees who show ambition.  Some want employees who are family men, who don’t drink, don’t get into trouble, and have no criminal record.  Other employers want men who are risk takers, rough, not afraid of getting hurt, or putting others at risk.

In Dickinson, employers seem to favor local people, and North Dakotans, over people from out of state.  This is probably a combination of a feeling of obligation or loyalty to local people, comfort in dealing with people from a similar background, discomfort in dealing with people from a different background, and people from elsewhere having different beliefs, values, and ethics.

I have had the experience in Dickinson, where my life experiences, work experiences, education, beliefs, values, and ethics, were so different from my employer’s, that I had problems.  As an example, a company that I recently worked for in Dickinson, had the practice of not paying employees for the hours that they worked.  The owner and his wife, would look at employees’ time sheets, and pay them for less hours than they worked, based on their opinion of how much work was completed.

When I sought to file a complaint with the Department of Labor, I found out that there were four previous complaints against this company for failure to pay employees wages that they were owed.  I found out from local people in Dickinson, that this practice used to be fairly common in Dickinson.  I also found out that this company owner owed a lot more than four employees money, after looking him up on the North Dakota record of active and completed court cases, NDcourts.

The company in Dickinson that I had applied to in 2014, and never heard back, I saw that they had another job advertisement for an engineer in August, so I applied again.  I didn’t expect to hear back from this company, because I don’t think that they liked me or my resume.  And again, I didn’t hear back from them.  I wondered what it was about me, that would make me so unacceptable to this company.  I have a good education, a great deal of work experience, and a completely clean background, what is wrong with me as an applicant?

I decided to look up the company owner to see what kind of person, HE is, since he is judging me, and I am not suitable for his company.  One of the court cases that he was involved in, involved a dispute over child support payments.  At about the time he was starting his company in Dickinson when he was in his early twenties, he became married.  He and his wife had three children.  By the time he was in his early thirties, he became divorced.

His company was organized as a corporation.  As his company was doing well, he paid himself a salary of $60,000 per year.  The extra money that his company made, was held as retained earnings.  Though the retained earnings grew to $700,000, he continued to pay himself a salary of $60,000 per year.  The child support that he paid, was based on his salary of $60,000 per year.

His ex-wife, and his ex-wife’s attorney, tried to explain to the court, that the child support that he was paying, was based on his $60,000 per year salary, but look at how much money his company was making, this isn’t right.  I believe that the court in North Dakota decided that there was no law saying that the company owner had to pay himself more money, or receive more of the retained earnings of his corporation.  So, his child support payments remained the same.

Ha, ha.  He outsmarted the courts, his ex-wife, and his ex-wife’s attorney, in not having to pay more money in support for his children.  It’s hamburger helper, macaroni cheese, and Wal-Mart for them.

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