Older Houses In Downtown Dickinson, North Dakota

In order to display the character of the older section of downtown Dickinson, North Dakota, I am going to show photographs of houses in several blog posts.

The oldest section of downtown Dickinson is approximately twenty blocks wide east to west, and approximately twenty blocks long north to south.

The above photograph shows an older home that is located several blocks north of the courthouse.  I would estimate that it was built between 1910 to 1935.  It is not the most fancy or ornate of the older downtown homes, but it is very typical in size, style, and appearance.  I took the photograph of this particular house, because I believe that this is an example of Colonial a.k.a. Georgian architecture, only done in a very minimal way.

(I had some difficulty in photographing homes in Dickinson.  Neighbors across the street and down the block did not like me even coming to a stop, not even having gotten my camera out yet.  I had to skip photographing some houses because there were too many people around, taking an interest in what I was doing before I even had a chance to photograph anything.  I think that next time, I should probably notify the Dickinson Police ahead of time that I will be taking photos, because I am sure the police were called.)

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