Managing A Bar Or Restaurant In Dickinson, North Dakota

Most bars and restaurants have similar management in Dickinson, North Dakota.  First, what the manager is looking for, is a waitress or bartender with many jobs of short duration.  With many jobs of short duration, there is no need to contact previous employers, because the employee obviously excelled.

Another thing that the bar or restaurant manager is looking for, is a waitress or bartender who is a first or second year student at Dickinson State University, and they are obviously better than most of their customers.  Even if they are an elementary education major in their first or second year at Dickinson State University with an enrollment of about 1,000 students, they are far superior to customers with a degree in business or engineering from a university with 50,000 students.  You know, they are 19 or 20 years old, and they have been around, done it all, far more so than any of the 40 year old or 50 year old customers, who are losers.

Another good thing about hiring a 19 or 20 year old Dickinson State University student, besides the prestige, with DSU in the news for being investigated for fraudulently awarding degrees and financial fraud, the DSU student can let all of the customers know that this job is not important to them, and that they would rather not be there.

What the manager of a bar or restaurant in Dickinson, North Dakota is looking for, is a waitress or bartender that does not want to be there, and that they say it out loud, and say it often.  It is good that the waitress or bartender either talk about things that they wish they were doing in front of the customers, or talk about their problems.

Although it is good for a waitress or bartender to talk in front of customers, it is not good for them to talk to customers.  The ratio of men to women in Dickinson is about 3:1.  Most of the customers in a bar or restaurant in Dickinson will be men who do not have families in Dickinson.  Because these men work all day, do not have families in Dickinson, and there is a shortage of women in Dickinson, the waitress or bartender is probably the only woman the customer will speak to all day.  Therefore, it is good that the waitress or bartender not talk to the customer, and walk away, out of sight is the best.  That way, even if the customer needs mustard, ketchup, silver ware, or a drink, the waitress or bartender is not around.  It is important to not be available if the customer wants something.

There are all kinds of good ways for a waitress or bartender to not be available to customers: going to the bathroom, going outside to smoke, going out to their car to talk on the phone, socializing with friends, and eating.  It is important to ignore customers as much as possible.  It is very important to not be hospitable or provide good service in the hospitality and service industry, just ask any bar or restaurant manager in Dickinson.

In order to be a good waitress or bartender in Dickinson, you have to not be good at just one thing, you need to combine the things mentioned above.  For instance, if you seat a customer at a table, you need to walk far away from them, turn your back to them, and become occupied with texting on your phone.  This accomplishes several things, you are not talking to them, you are not available to them, you are showing that you are more important than them, you are showing that you don’t want to be at work, and you are ignoring them.

Once you have had many waitressing and bartending jobs of short duration, complete less than three years of college at some place like DSU, get a DUI, have a drug or alcohol addiction, and have caused several restaurants to go out of business, then you will be ready to manage one of the bars or restaurants in Dickinson.

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