Looking At Israeli Women On Facebook

Yet again I am telling you that there is very little to do in Dickinson, North Dakota.  There is a shortage of women, and a scarcity of attractive women.  I have written many times that living in Dickinson is like being in prison, though I haven’t done anything wrong.  Every day now, several times a day, I think to myself that I can’t believe I am living my last years like this.  Other places, and other times in history people have been caught in a wasteland like this, famines and wars, but this is different.  The people who live in western North Dakota, and the mostly poor and uneducated people who moved here, can’t even name what is missing.  I sure as hell can, and it is painful and miserable.

While watching one of my neighbors continuing to lose his mind on Facebook, and threatening to kill all of his neighbors every day, I saw that he had some very, very attractive women “friends” on Facebook.  I looked at all of his very attractive female “friends” on Facebook, and many of them were in Israel.  I don’t want to talk about this neighbor, but to explain briefly, he was going crazy, several of us neighbors tried to get him help, the police had to be called many times, and we all look at his Facebook page to follow his posts about killing all of us.

Escaping the misery in Dickinson, North Dakota, I looked at some beautiful women in Israel.  My most favorite woman now, probably even more favorite than Marinna Marsh, even more favorite than Codi Miller, is Sharon Rozenfeld in Beersheba, Israel.  You can go look at her on Facebook too, and you will see what I am talking about.  Sharon has about twenty photographs of herself, and I love every one of them, except the cyclops one.

Her hiking photo shows that she is skinny, rugged, and tom boyish.  Her U.S. Embassy photo is my absolute favorite, she is wearing the most beautiful dress that I have ever seen, and she looks glamorous and sophisticated.  Her photo in her Israeli military uniform shows another aspect of her.  Her mirror photo accidentally on purpose shows her breasts and she is very sexually attractive.  Each photo shows something different about her.

In Israel, military service is compulsory for both men and women.  Because the Israelis are completely surrounded and greatly outnumbered, they take military preparedness, training, and military duty very seriously.  From an early age, all Israeli men and women are taught that their very survival depends on all men and women training and performing with 100% effort and commitment.  Sharon Rozenfeld, though she is as beautiful as a glamour model, and she may be a glamour model, she had to spend years as a teenager, out in the desert, tearing down assault rifles and pistols, reassembling them; carrying mortars, setting them up, launching mortars; firing grenade launchers; digging trenches and living in trenches for days at a time.  Though she looks feminine and vulnerable, there is a different side to her that is strong and fierce.

Though Sharon is my favorite, there are other very attractive women in Israel on Facebook that served in the Israeli army.  Why this is so interesting to me, is I know that from a very young age that the families and schools in Israel did not allow their children to be stupid, lazy, foolish, irresponsible, whining, complaining, weak, gluttonous, or sloven.  In Dickinson, I hardly ever see or meet young women that are healthy and in good physical condition, let alone mentally sharp, strong minded, and strong willed.  Seeing these attractive Israeli women reminds me that I am missing so much living here in Dickinson.

Update 11/25/2016:  I highly recommend looking at IDFwomenofisrael on Facebook.  Israeli Defense Force women of Israel.

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