Plan And Statistics For This Blog

On Tuesday, April 19, this blog had 6,000 views.  I don’t mean all time, I mean on that day.

I was very happy.  I never said it in these words, but in addition to me wanting to tell people from out of state what it was actually like in Dickinson, to tell about some of the bad things going on to warn people, in addition to me feeling like I was treated like shit, I was treated like I didn’t matter.

Because I was not an “important” person at Marathon Oil, Whiting Petroleum, Occidental, Tesoro, Conoco Philips, Continental Resources, Baker Hughes, Halliburton, or wasn’t a large property investor, or wasn’t a large property developer, I didn’t matter.  However, if enough people read my blog, I do matter, I can tell what happened.

I wanted to point out some things that weren’t right.  Television news, newspapers, and magazines were leading people to believe that anyone could move to North Dakota and make $100,000 per year, which was far from true.  This false information was luring poor, unskilled people from all over the country to come here.  Unprepared for a $1,500 per month apartment, they slept in their cars at Wal-Mart, truck stops, and public camp grounds.  The solution, was to no longer allow people to sleep in their cars at Wal-Mart, truck stops, and public camp grounds.  But these people were already here, and more continued to come.

I want to write enough, so that everybody can know what happened.  As long as nobody knows who I am, I can write what the newspapers can’t write.  I don’t want to have to worry about losing my job, trying to please important people, or trying not to anger influential people.  I want to tell the truth about what happened, and what Western North Dakota is really like.

Thank you for reading my blog.



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