Elfin Women In Watford City, North Dakota

As you may know, Elfin women are prettier than human women. I saw one on Wednesday, and two on Thursday of last week in Watford City. Both times I was going to Taco Johns to get something to eat.

I have been sick for three weeks now in Watford City, and I think that the ground that I am working on has something wrong with it, like it is cursed, or poisonous. It has aged me about three more years in the past three weeks. I don’t feel well at all, and I don’t have any energy, and I don’t feel like mating.

Just like if you are looking for bigfoot, you won’t see one, if you are looking for Elfin women, you won’t see one. It is only when you aren’t thinking about it at all, and it is the furthest thing from your mind that you will see one. This is how it was when I met Miss North Dakota, which I wrote about in a previous blog post. Also, they see you way before you see them, and they can hide before you ever see them, if they want to.

On Wednesday, I parked my truck in the parking lot of Taco Johns, locked my door, turned around, and there one was!, right in the passenger seat of the truck beside me, not two feet away! She looked exactly like the Elfin Princess Liv Tyler, long dark hair, pale white skin, bright eyes. She looked at me just like some tree frog on a branch, and didn’t try to get away. She was barefoot, and had her feet up on the dash, just like you would expect an Elfin woman to do, can’t sit in the front seat of a truck like a human woman.

Not knowing what to do, I went into Taco Johns, and ordered food to go. I thought about it for a few minutes, and still could not figure out what to do. It’s like trying to catch a snake, if you aren’t 100% sure what you are doing, you better just leave it alone. The truck she was in was much nicer than mine. It had a Canadian license plate. She was still there when I went to get in my truck, and she didn’t look at me, which hurt my feelings. But it was because her boyfriend was only a few steps from getting in her truck, and she didn’t want me trying to propose to her right then, and getting into a fight. Like I said, they see you way before you see them.

On Thursday, I went to Taco Johns, I still wasn’t feeling well. When I opened the door and walked in, there were two blonde Elfin girls sitting at a table with some not completely grown high school boys. It is not uncommon for Elfin girls and Elfin women to go places with not completely grown boys. This is because they are safe from the boys they are with, and they are safe from strangers.

The two Elfin girls saw me way before I saw them, and again they were bright eyed and looking at me like tree frogs, with a tree frog smile. After I ordered my food, I looked at them through the window in the partition wall. Like fish in an aquarium sometimes do, they looked back at me. After I got my food, I looked at them as I was leaving, I would have liked to have looked at them longer, but it would have upset the boys, not them.

An older man once told me, “When you have a beautiful woman, and you lose her, you feel bad about it, like you’re never going to find another one. But, you turn over another rock, and look!, there’s another one!”

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