A Few Good Businesses In Watford City, North Dakota

1.  CENEX Gas Station.  The CENEX Gas Station, located right on the Disenchanted Highway, is one of the best businesses in Watford City.  In order to fulfill the need in Watford City, this CENEX Gas Station sells way more than gasoline and diesel fuel.  They have a deli that makes O.K. food.  They have a good selection of the following items that are high quality  (I’m not joking):  Chain saws, safety cones, hard hats, hand tools, power tools, mechanics tools, industrial and household hardware, tractor truck hardware.  For example, they have 36″ long pipe wrenches for sale, how many gas stations have that?  My favorite thing, is that they have a very large selection of Carhart clothing for sale.

For those of you who don’t know, especially people from the South, you can’t wear normal clothing in North Dakota in the Winter, it won’t work.  Winter jackets that you buy in the South, will not work in North Dakota.  There are a few clothing manufacturers that make work clothing, what you might even call industrial work clothing, that is meant to be worn when working outdoors in below 0 degree Fahrenheit weather,  Carhart is one of them.  Carhart makes very good quality jeans, thermal lined jeans, thermal lined overalls, all kinds of good looking work shirts, many types of very warm jackets, and also very very warm jackets.  I have sometimes been depressed working in Watford City, and the only thing that I had to look forward to, was getting off work and buying a new Carhart jacket at the CENEX Gas Station.

At the CENEX Gas Station, the prices are very fair, they are not high.  There are probably about six cashier women, they have all been very friendly.  Reminder: this CENEX Gas Station has probably saved many many dumb asses that came to Watford City not having what they needed, especially winter clothing.

2.  Taco Johns.  I hate Taco Johns everywhere else, because they take a lot longer to make your food than Taco Bell, but in Watford City, I like Taco Johns.  They make the food quickly enough, they are friendly, the food is O.K., and the food does not cost too much.

3.  NAPA Auto Parts.  The parts persons are friendly, and the prices are not high.

4.  Teddy’s Hotel and Teddy’s Lounge.  Currently, the staff is friendly, and the hotel is clean.  This is a new hotel, just a couple of years old.  The furnishings are new, and nice.  There are a few attractive women who work in the Bar/Restaurant, and some nice intelligent women who work there.  Impossible to escape in Watford City, are the oil field workers who know half as much as they should, yet talk twice as loud and twice as much.  At Teddy’s Bar/Restaurant, there is wall that blocks off the bar from half of the restaurant seating area, so that you don’t have to listen to or look at the oil field workers at the bar.  (Most of the oil field companies in North Dakota have greatly reduced their personnel, keeping only their best workers.  Most of the remaining oil field workers in Watford City are silent, tight-lipped, and restrained.  In order to not get into any trouble and keep their job, they keep their mouth shut, go straight home after work, and do not go to bars.  It is only the fools and just-got-heres that don’t know to be quiet, at a nice hotel bar.)

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