Note To Watford City, North Dakota

Anyone, anywhere in the World, who does a Google search for “moving to Watford City, North Dakota”, “relocating to Watford City, North Dakota”, or “women in Watford City, North Dakota”, this website appears on the first page of search results.  Soon, the search for “living in Watford City, North Dakota”, this website will appear on the first page of search results.

Everyone will be able to get information about Watford City, from this website.  I am going to provide useful, truthful information about Watford City, so that people will know what it is like.

Women who might come to Watford City, women who work in the oil industry, work in banking, work in accounting, who are company owner wives, or oil field worker wives, would not like the living conditions here, as they are now.  If they were to arrive in Watford City now, they would find completely dark and unlighted streets at night, with no pavement markings, no street signs, no road shoulders, just an immediate drop off to 30 feet below.  Women already feel unsafe at night because the ratio of men to women is about 6:1 in Watford City.  The fear of being out at night is only made worse by roads that are dark, unlighted, with no shoulder.  Getting a car tire even one foot over the edge of pavement could cause their car to be wrecked or stuck, making them vulnerable to being victimized.

You people in Watford City have got this North Dakota attitude, “We like things the way they are.  If you don’t like it, you can leave.”  Fine, everybody is going to leave.  In fact, they just won’t come in the first place.

I will give some more examples of things that are not O.K. the way they are.  I will never forget the day I came back to Watford City, stopping at the UPS Store and getting charged $5.00 to make three black & white photocopies, the young woman in front of me getting charged $105 to mail an envelope.  Going over to a nearby restaurant to eat and walking out because the food looked like slop and cartoons were on the TV at about 130 Decibels.  I should have walked out of the second nearby restaurant that I went to.  There is a saying, “If nobody is at a restaurant, and no cars are in the parking lot, don’t eat there!”

Three times this past week, I saw the Watford City police ticketing people on the Disenchanted Highway, besides being a dangerous road, it is now a speed trap.

I have some advice for the Chamber of Commerce in Watford City, for Watford City business owners, and Watford City government.  Now that the Oil Boom is over, the only possible thing that Watford City has to offer that anybody might possibly want, is a relaxed, peaceful, not-in-a-hurry, small town lifestyle with thousands of acres of undeveloped prairie land nearby.  People want to get out of cities and congested areas, and live in an area with an unspoiled rural landscape.

The stress that you cause people, with your unmarked and unlighted roads with no road shoulders, your speed traps, your terrible restaurants with 130 decibel TV playing cartoons, your “no other choice”  high priced merchants, chases everybody away, people can’t wait to get out of your town.

Update!: Beginning in April of 2016, Watford City began making road improvements, which included adding dump truck loads of dirt to the road shoulders on the Disenchanted Highway to make it safer.  Other road improvements continue.

There are so many Watford City police, that the White Trash are kept under control all the time, it’s almost like they are in jail they are so controlled, they can’t do anything because the police are watching them so close.  So it is safe for women to go out in Watford City from dawn until dark.

Eventually, I might have to re-write this post.

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