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Tales Of Womanising

There is a Preface and an Introduction immediately preceding this blog post on Tales of Womanising.  I have already written and described in these preceding blog posts, that the men who have notoriety as Womanisers, have to have extra money, time, and flexibility in their schedules in order to chase women.  They must be good salesmen with the ladies, and have a schedule and routine for making sales calls. They must also be men of daring, and have fearlessness.

One of the special qualities of the men Womanisers that I knew, was their extraordinary daring, risk taking, and fearlessness.  Not only did they have notoriety as Womanisers, but they all had local fame for their daring and incredible adventures.

Below is the cast of players, and some of what they were famous for, though I can’t use their full names at this time, or mention everything they were known for:

⦁ Jeff – Diver and Sailor.  Diving, spearing fish as big as himself, and swimming back nearly a mile dragging great big bleeding fish through shark infested water.  Could climb all the way to the top of sail boat masts using only the small diameter cable side-stays.

⦁ John – Very good Pilot, Hunter, and Fisherman.  Long distance cross country flying, just fly low and read the road signs when you want to know where you are.  With only a keg of beer, took a 17 foot boat 200 miles through the Atlantic Ocean to reach the Bahama islands.

⦁ Steve – Astronomer, Chemist, Appraisor, Sailor.  Rode his bicycle 200 miles to Tampa in 24 hours while drunk following a bar bet.  Sailed around the world on small vessels.

⦁ Pat – Salesman, Pilot, Diver, Sailor.  Always discovering something like a 3 foot long lobster or sunken German U-boat, or being involved in some elaborate adventure gone wrong, often in foreign countries.

⦁ Dick – Poor Hippie turned Millionaire and Pilot.  Went from living in an old beat up singe-wide trailer to having many multi-million dollar properties from using only his mental insight.

⦁ Marty – Surfer, Sailor, Appraisor.  Always willing to go out on the Atlantic Ocean on any kind of too small and unsafe boat.  Usually an accomplice to someone else on this list.

⦁ Captain – Surveyor and Captain.  Often the Captain of questionable vessels that had sunk.  Master mind of schemes that anyone would wonder how this ever happened.

I will stop with this list now, if I went on, it would include Dave, David, Bruce, Bill, Carl, Mike, Charlie, and some more that I can’t remember.  Most of these men were self-employed or worked independently.

There were all kinds of occaisions and opportunities for all of these people to get together during the week and on the weekends, to talk about what everyone was doing or what they were involved in.  These people, my father, their other friends, and my family, found it entertaining and hilarious, the stupid shit that everyone had done or gotten into.  My father, mother, and sister probably enjoyed hearing about this more than I did.

You might think, that the wives, daughters, and girlfriends would not like hearing these stories about what these men had done, but they probably liked these stories more than anyone, so long as it wasn’t about their husband or boyfriend.  Some of my family’s favorite tales of Womanising, involved Pat or John.  Pat and John were both likable, and their wives were fairly normal women, that we also liked.  The only thing that I will say about Pat and John’s wives, was that they were uptight, and they no longer enjoyed doing things.

This is something that I have seen throughout my life, men who love to sail, fly, hunt, fish, and scuba dive, meet women that also seem to enjoy these activities.  However, once they become married to these women who appeared to like doing things, not long after becoming married, these women no longer wanted to leave their homes or go anywhere.

Pat and John were not about to quit sailing, flying, hunting, fishing, and diving, so they found women who wanted to do these things with them.  Their wives just wanted to stay home in their kitchens, not wanting to go anywhere, being uptight, and kind of bitchy.  This fact, probably made these Womanising stories even funnier to everyone, because the wives just wanted to stay home and not go anywhere.

Pat had a 50′ motor-sailer yacht.  The difference between a motor-sailer and a sailboat, is that a motor-sailer has a completely enclosed pilot-house, where you are completely protected from the weather.  Also, they have larger engines because they are meant to be run only on engines for long periods of time.

This motor-sailer yacht was very luxurious and spacious in comparison to most sailboats.  The salon was probably 12′ wide x 20′ long, with 10′ tall ceilings.  The boat had a very heavy and wide wooden hull, the decks were wood, and the pilot house , cabins, and rail were trimmed with teak wood.  It was a very beautiful boat.

But as beautiful and luxurious as this yacht was, Pat’s wife did not want to go out on it.  Nor did his wife want to fly in his airplane.  This was a problem, yet it was easily solved.  There were many women who did want to go sailing with Pat or flying with Pat.

One of the favorite destinations for all of the daring and adventurous people, were the out-islands of the Bahamas.  The Bahamas are a group of islands in the Atalantic Ocean that lay off the east coast of Florida.  They had been a colony of Great Britain, until they were granted independence to form their own sovereign country in 1972.

The west islands of the Bahamas, the ones closest to Florida, had mostly Black inhabitants, whose ancestors had been slaves.  The far east islands of the Bahamas had mostly white inhabitants, whose ancestors had fled the American Colonies during the American Revolutionary War in the 1770s.

The vast majority of the several thousand islands that make up the Bahamas, are uninhabited.  These islands, back in the 1970s, that were only accessible by cruising sailboats and yachts, were one of the few remaining places on Earth where people could enjoy day after day of doing whatever they wanted without interruption or invasion of privacy.

Every one of the Womanisers on my list in this blog post, would do whatever they could to get to the Bahamas as often as they could.  If they were travelling by boat, they would stop in at some of the west islands in the Bahamas, like Bimini or Freeport, in order to get supplies, and to pick up Black women.

All of the Womanisers’ wives or girlfriends, their imaginations and jealousy were driving them out of their minds, because they were sure that their husbands or boyfriends were in Bimini or Freeport trying to pick up Black women.  Which of course they were.

The young, attractive, care-free Black women who worked in the shops and offices in Bimini and Freeport, thought that it was fun to be so aggressively pursued by some White man acting a fool and out of his mind.  It was funny and entertaining to them, to be on a yacht making love to some married man whose wife would kill him if she found out.

After leaving Bimini or Freeport and sailing east through the very shallow reef infested waters towards the Abacco islands, the Womanisers would make plans to get one of their girlfriends back in Florida to come down to meet them.  Not their wives or main girlfriends, their other girlfriends, their wild, fun, and free-spirited girlfriends.

Some girl who worked in an office, store, or restaurant back in Florida, would be very enthusiastic about flying in to one of the very small airports on an out-island, to meet one of the Womanisers on their boat for a week or an extended weekend.  This, to the Womanisers, would be like having a honeymoon in paradise.

Not far after leaving the marina, there were so few people, and nothing but miles and miles of ocean, that there was no need to wear clothing any more.  To young women who had never experienced this before, to be able to walk around and lounge around a yacht all day in the sun, gentle wind, and soft spray from the sea, with absolutely no clothing on, this was very exhilarating and liberating.

In this new, beautiful, exotic, and paradisical environment, the completely naked young women did not put up any resistance to being taken in love whenever the Womaniser wanted.  This honeymoon in paradise, of swimming, diving, catching lobster and conch, eating, drinking, and having sex, might last for a week or and extended weekend.  Then it would be time for her to be dropped off at an island with an airport so that she could fly back to her job in Florida.

Eventually, upon reaching the farthest east and last of the Abacco islands, it would be time for the Womaniser to telephone his wife or main girlfriend and invite her down.  In Marsh Harbor and Hope Town, their wife or main girlfriend would not have to stay on the boat the whole time.

The wife or the main girlfriend, of course she was not interested in swimming, sunning, fishing, diving for conch, eating, getting drunk, or having very much sex.  Her time would be spent talking about selling this boat, interrogations on who had been on this boat, and her enormous irritation and anger with not being able to get a hold of the Womaniser by telephone during this whole time of his trip.

This was back before cell phones, and the Womaniser would say, “Look, I am telling you for the 10th time, there aren’t any telephones out here on these islands, most of these islands are unihabited.”  For Pat, he nearly had his wife convinced of this after a long argument, when in the silence following this argument, the phone hidden on his boat rang.

When Pat was docked at Marsh Harbor, he had his stainless steel Smith & Wesson .44 magnum hidden in the bottom of the garbage, so that it would not be found by a thief or the authorities.  All firearms are prohibited in the Bahamas.  While Pat was in town, his wife threw out the garbage.  When he found that his wife had thrown out the garbage at the marina, and the marina garbage had been taken to the dump, Pat hired a Black kid to go with him to the dump to go through all of the black plastic garbage bags, to try to find his “wallet”.  After a couple of hours of going through black plastic garbage bags, the Black kid said, “I didn’t find your wallet, but I found this gun.”

A few days later, Pat and his wife were joined in Hope Town by John and his wife, and a few other friends.  In Hope Town, the downtown of the island is closed to automobile traffic, and everyone rides bicycles or walks.  There was so little crime, that there was just one police officer, who was unarmed and stayed home mostly.

In Hope Town, vacationing adults got drunker than 15 year olds at a house party, or college freshmen at a fraternity party.  Late at night, walkers and bicyclists would often stumble or crash into the bushes, and just stay there  Or, they would make it as far as a boat dock, and pass out on the dock, unable to get into a dingy to go to their boat in the harbor.

This was a nightmare for the wives and the girlfriends.  The wives and girlfriends would have to push, pull, drag, prod, and plead with their husbands or boyfriends to not pass out here, to keep going.  The wives and girlfriends would be exasperated and at the end of their rope by the time they got their husband or boyfriend to the dock to get into a dingy.  I won’t even describe the chaos and spills that resulted from climbing down the dock ladder to get into a small, easily tipped over dingy.

Pat, John, and their wives had made it to their boat in their dingy.  John, John’s wife, and Pat’s wife had made it from the dingy, and up onto the deck of their boat.  Pat was injured, and too drunk to make it from the dingy up over the rail and onto the boat.  Pat’s wife was becoming more and more upset, frantic, and hysterical, she was yelling, “John, do something! John for God’s sake do something!  John, help him!”

John, being drunk, tired of listening to this shit, and having known Pat his whole life, reached down and grabbed one of Pat’s arms, and then began pulling Pat up the side of the boat like he had hold of the leg of a dead deer.  Pat’s wife was screaming, “John, John, you’re hurting him stop, stop your hurting him!”  John ignored her and kept on.  Pat’s wife was screaming hysterically, “John stop you son of a bitch you’re hurting him, you’re hurting him!”

Eventually, Pat lay face down on the deck, motionless, moaning, and unable to move.  His wife was sobbing and sobbing, and cursing at John.  Pat turned his head and said, “Thank you John.” and then he passed out.  No, most of the wives don’t like to go cruising in the Bahamas.

Introduction To Tales Of Womanising

When I was growing up in Florida in the 1970s, my father’s friends’ favorite hobby, activity, and sport was Womanising. As I tried to explain in my previous blog post which is a Preface to this blog post, in the late 1940s through the 1970s, and into the 1980s, Womanising was more accepted and tolerated by women. Some women even liked to play this game.

My father’s friends who were players, were business owners, real esate agents, insurance agents, appraisors, attorneys, pilots, salesmen, boat captains, and people with money who didn’t have to work. In order to have enough time to chase women, you had to have a flexible schedule, extra money, and enough independence that no one could interfere with your Womanising.

If there was a new attractive woman that came to work in a bank, real estate office, insurance office, law office, doctor’s office, dentist’s office, business, or store, word would get out. “Hey, you have got to see the new girl that came to work at so-and-so’s office.” Men would make excuses to drop by some real estate office, or insurance office, just to check out the new girl. The business owners liked this, because they would make these men listen to the great deal they had on a house, or start talking to them about life insurance.

Back then, in some ways, women had more sense and were more practical. Instead of being outraged and wanting to sue someone, they evaluated each of the men that came to see them, in order to decide which ones that they would consider going out with.

The women thought many steps ahead. First of all, they might accept an offer to go out on a date, if it was to a nice restaurant where the man would pay for her dinner and her drinks. Did the man have a nice home that she would not mind visiting or living in. Did the man own a nice boat or airplane that would give her the chance to go out and get away for the weekend. Did the man or his family have enough money to be able to support her and her children if they became married.

New women in town, would have to ask co-worker women or other women what kind of person each of the male contestants were. Savvy women knew, that just because a man received a poor reference or recommdation from other women, this did not necessarily mean that he was a bad person. On the contrary, some women give men bad recommendations either out of vindictiveness or wanting to try to keep them for themselves.

Some women liked to play this game out of boredom, loneliness, wanting to go somewhere, wanting to meet other people, entertainment, fun, or wanting to find a mate.

You the reader, might be thinking, how is this any different from what goes on now. For one thing, back in the 1970s, a woman might go on a date with two different men each week, eight different men each month, maybe more than fifty men each year. Right now in North Dakota, it looks to me like attractive young women don’t date five different men before they believe that they must get married. ( Coincidently, the divorce rate now is much, much higher, than it used to be.)

For the men that were Womanisers back in the 1970s, they had to be salesmen with women. They had to have a route or a routine where they would make sales calls on different women throughout the day and throughout the week in order to get dates arranged for Friday night and Saturday night.

Rather than being mad all the time, I think that the women back then found these sales calls to be kind of funny and entertaining, both their own, and watching the men who made sales calls to their co-workers. When the men were not around, this gave the women office workers something to talk about, laugh about, and tease each other about.

Now, if a man stopped by some woman’s place of work and tried to ask her out, she would be talking about harrassment, sexual harrassment, and a restraining order. Her co-workers would all be agreeing with her on this, and they would be looking out the window to get his vehicle description and license plate number.

Back in the 1970s, this was the happiest and most free that I have ever seen people. Contrary to what people believe now, back in the 1970s, this was the most independent, confident, and happy that I have ever seen women. I believe this may have been because women had so much opportunity for dating, meeting people, socialiing, having fun, and going places.

Though the men Womanisers might have thought of women as prey and “sex objects”, many women didn’t care what they thought. If the men were pollite, considerate, entertaining, funny, fun, and good hosts, what difference did it make. Women could chose how they wanted to look at each situation, how they wanted to react, and what they wanted to do. They realised that if you wanted to look at everything and every situation in a bad way, you could make just about everything you wanted, seem bad.

Now, women complain about men in their late twenties and thirties who still live at home with their parents, who spend all of their time playing video games and looking at porn on the internet.

Women on the other hand, spend most of their time now on social media, and using their vibrators, instead of going out on dates.

In the news, all you read about and hear about lately is Sexual Harrassment, Sexual Harrassment, Sexual Harrassment. Due to a mis-guided and mistaken pursuit of Equality, Equal Rights, and Women’s Rights which has gone too far and resulted in “Political Correctness”, people don’t even socialise and date anymore.

Preface To My Blog Post About Tales Of Womanising

I wanted to write an article on Womanising, from back when Womanising was more accepted and respectable.  In order for people to be able to understand this, I need to explain what the culture and social environment was like at the time.

When I was a kid growing up in Florida in the 1970s, the leaders, the people who were in charge, were World War II veterans and Korean War veterans.  These war veterans had a much different perspective on life, than people today.

Most people alive today, do not know that the United States and its Allies, very nearly did not win World War II.  Germany was so far ahead in war preparations of equipment, supplies, and troops, that they were almost unstoppable and undefeatable.  The only thing that allowed the United States and its Allies to eventually prevail, was Germany’s mistake in trying to invade Russia, at the same time it was occupying Europe.  This caused Germany to have to divide its troops, equipment, and supplies to fight a war on two fronts.

In the U.S., every able-bodied man was drafted into military service to fight in World War II.  The women who were left behind had to assume all of the jobs that were left vacant by the men who went away to fight.  Food, gasoline, rubber, metals, and precious metals were rationed because everything was needed for the war effort.

Men who went to Europe to fight the Germans, or the South Pacific to fight the Japanese, had to fight day after day, for years.  In some battles, U.S. forces were completely over-run and almost every soldier was killed.  The battles were horrible not only because of the casualties caused by bullets, grenades, land-mines, and artillary, but by inadequate supplies and facilities to treat the wounded.  Living conditions were often horrendous, with the inability to evacuate the wounded and the dead during battles that went on and on for days.

Soldiers lived through the sinking of transport ships, battles with the death and destruction of their fellow soldiers, capture, torture, forced-labor, starvation, and the witness of mass atrociities committed at the concentration camps.  They knew that this fight they were in, was fight for the very survival and existence of themselves and everyone back in the United States.

When these soldiers came back, they said, “Never Again”. Which meant, never again would the United States sit back and watch an aggressor nation build up for war and invade neighboring countries.  But “Never Again” also meant, that these soldiers individually were not going to put up with any aggression or injustice.

These soldiers who returned from World War II, they became the presidents, governors, congressmen, mayors, chiefs of police, sherrifs, judges, attorneys, doctors, and dentists. These were the leaders and the people in charge. They had a perspective on life, of what was a big deal, and what was not a big deal. They were unafraid to speak up, speak out, confront, fight, argue, and act.

These leaders and people in charge, set the boundaries for acceptable behavior. Believe it or not, back in the late 1940s through the 1970s, while the World War II veterans and the Korean War veterans were in charge, people in the United States enjoyed the most freedom that they have ever had.

These old men who had survived the war, did not care if people smoked pot, drank alcohol, or partied.  They did not care if people were lesbian or gay.  They did not care if people had a good time, partied, or experimented.  The boundaries were, that you did not harm people, take advantage of people, or steal.

People were much freer to have a good time in the late 1940s, 50s, 60s, and 70s.  I experienced and lived through the tail end of this.  Believe me, things were much, much different in the 1970s.  People were much happier, they had more fun, had less worries, worked less, had less stress, and everyone was optimistic about the future.

From the late 1940s through the 1970s, and even into the 1980s, one of the favorite activities of men, was Womanising.  Women not only partly accepted and tolerated this, many women actually liked it when things were this way. Many women considered this to be fun, it was a fun game that they liked playing too.

I wanted to write this Preface, so that the reader would understand that Womanising did not arise out of ignorance and darkness, but it was something that came from people having enough wisdom and perspective on life, to know that there is a time for everything, and after the wars, this was a time to enjoy life.