Introduction To Tales Of Womanising

When I was growing up in Florida in the 1970s, my father’s friends’ favorite hobby, activity, and sport was Womanising. As I tried to explain in my previous blog post which is a Preface to this blog post, in the late 1940s through the 1970s, and into the 1980s, Womanising was more accepted and tolerated by women. Some women even liked to play this game.

My father’s friends who were players, were business owners, real esate agents, insurance agents, appraisors, attorneys, pilots, salesmen, boat captains, and people with money who didn’t have to work. In order to have enough time to chase women, you had to have a flexible schedule, extra money, and enough independence that no one could interfere with your Womanising.

If there was a new attractive woman that came to work in a bank, real estate office, insurance office, law office, doctor’s office, dentist’s office, business, or store, word would get out. “Hey, you have got to see the new girl that came to work at so-and-so’s office.” Men would make excuses to drop by some real estate office, or insurance office, just to check out the new girl. The business owners liked this, because they would make these men listen to the great deal they had on a house, or start talking to them about life insurance.

Back then, in some ways, women had more sense and were more practical. Instead of being outraged and wanting to sue someone, they evaluated each of the men that came to see them, in order to decide which ones that they would consider going out with.

The women thought many steps ahead. First of all, they might accept an offer to go out on a date, if it was to a nice restaurant where the man would pay for her dinner and her drinks. Did the man have a nice home that she would not mind visiting or living in. Did the man own a nice boat or airplane that would give her the chance to go out and get away for the weekend. Did the man or his family have enough money to be able to support her and her children if they became married.

New women in town, would have to ask co-worker women or other women what kind of person each of the male contestants were. Savvy women knew, that just because a man received a poor reference or recommdation from other women, this did not necessarily mean that he was a bad person. On the contrary, some women give men bad recommendations either out of vindictiveness or wanting to try to keep them for themselves.

Some women liked to play this game out of boredom, loneliness, wanting to go somewhere, wanting to meet other people, entertainment, fun, or wanting to find a mate.

You the reader, might be thinking, how is this any different from what goes on now. For one thing, back in the 1970s, a woman might go on a date with two different men each week, eight different men each month, maybe more than fifty men each year. Right now in North Dakota, it looks to me like attractive young women don’t date five different men before they believe that they must get married. ( Coincidently, the divorce rate now is much, much higher, than it used to be.)

For the men that were Womanisers back in the 1970s, they had to be salesmen with women. They had to have a route or a routine where they would make sales calls on different women throughout the day and throughout the week in order to get dates arranged for Friday night and Saturday night.

Rather than being mad all the time, I think that the women back then found these sales calls to be kind of funny and entertaining, both their own, and watching the men who made sales calls to their co-workers. When the men were not around, this gave the women office workers something to talk about, laugh about, and tease each other about.

Now, if a man stopped by some woman’s place of work and tried to ask her out, she would be talking about harrassment, sexual harrassment, and a restraining order. Her co-workers would all be agreeing with her on this, and they would be looking out the window to get his vehicle description and license plate number.

Back in the 1970s, this was the happiest and most free that I have ever seen people. Contrary to what people believe now, back in the 1970s, this was the most independent, confident, and happy that I have ever seen women. I believe this may have been because women had so much opportunity for dating, meeting people, socialiing, having fun, and going places.

Though the men Womanisers might have thought of women as prey and “sex objects”, many women didn’t care what they thought. If the men were pollite, considerate, entertaining, funny, fun, and good hosts, what difference did it make. Women could chose how they wanted to look at each situation, how they wanted to react, and what they wanted to do. They realised that if you wanted to look at everything and every situation in a bad way, you could make just about everything you wanted, seem bad.

Now, women complain about men in their late twenties and thirties who still live at home with their parents, who spend all of their time playing video games and looking at porn on the internet.

Women on the other hand, spend most of their time now on social media, and using their vibrators, instead of going out on dates.

In the news, all you read about and hear about lately is Sexual Harrassment, Sexual Harrassment, Sexual Harrassment. Due to a mis-guided and mistaken pursuit of Equality, Equal Rights, and Women’s Rights which has gone too far and resulted in “Political Correctness”, people don’t even socialise and date anymore.

2 thoughts on “Introduction To Tales Of Womanising

  1. “Misguided pursuit of equality, equal rights, and women’s rights”? First of all women’s rights are human rights. And there shouldn’t be any pursuit. We are all equal and deserve to be treated as such. And I’d rather stay at home with my vibrator than sleep with a man who doesn’t know how to treat me or please me.


    1. Ali,
      I have written a few blog posts before, where I explain that in this particular time, there are women that want everything their way, one minute it’s this way, the next minute it’s the exact opposite, they want everything both ways, but it is logically impossible to have things both ways.

      If women want engagement rings, which as a rule of thumb, cost about two months of pay for a man, and women want everything to be equal, should women be expected to buy men an engagement motorcycle, which is equal to two months of her pay?

      Women have fought in court to be allowed to play football in high school and college, using the argument that there is no women’s football program. Should men be allowed to play on women’s field hockey teams and softball teams if these sports aren’t offered for men at their high school or college?

      There are many gyms and fitness centers that are “women only”, some of these are national franchises such as Curves, etc. What would happen if there was even just one local gym that advertised “men only”, women would be outraged and protesting.

      Women have the expectation of being asked out by men, and invited somewhere like dinner. At the same time, women want to accuse men of sexual harassment for trying to ask them out.

      Most women, who got a flat tire at night, in the dark, when it was 10 degrees Fahrenheit, with no cell phone reception, would not get out of their car to change their tire, they would just sit there hoping and waiting for someone to come help them. Some “oil field trash” wearing dirty winter coveralls, would probably stop, and offer to change her tire, or help, explaining the roads were too icy to expect anyone else to be able to get there soon. He would change her tire, she might, might say Thank you. But up until that time, and within a short amount of time following this incident, men wearing dirty coveralls, to her, are dirt bags that are beneath her, and people she would never even give the time of day to.

      Some young lady, that might be the biggest Women’s Rights supporter that there ever was, that experiences someone trying to break into her house to get her, who frantically dials 911, hopes to God there is some 6′-2″ 240 lb ex-Marine on his way to her house, not a 5′-2″ 130 lb woman that was a Diversity Hire.

      Women have gone so far in demanding Equal Rights and Women’s Rights, that they want everything their way, one minute it’s this way, the next minute it’s that way, when logically it can’t be both.


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