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Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 7 & 8

Chapter 7

Rob and Rachel were both sweating and panting, Rob more so than Rachael.  After sitting on the side of Rachel’s bed for less than a minute, Rob pulled his pants up, he hadn’t even taken off his pants or his shoes.  He had learned from experience, that this is the way you do it when you are at work.  Rachel figured as much.

No words were exchanged.  Their breathing returned to closer to normal within a few minutes as they both sat there.  Rob got up and walked out without saying anything or looking back.  Rachel didn’t look out the window after him as he got into his delivery van and drove away.

Rachel wanted to take a shower right away and she did.  She took longer this time.  She thought about different things and paid no attention to time.

As Rob drove away from the house, he tried to collect and straighten himself out.  Seeing if his shoes were tied, making sure his shirt was tucked in and his pants buttoned and zipped.  Looking at his face in the mirror, fixing his shirt collar.  Making sure that he was all in order and not missing anything.  It was not until he reached Highway 85 that he remembered to remove the aluminum foil from the GPS tracking unit under the dashboard of his delivery van.

Chapter 8

Rachel’s mother Susan had to take her lunch break early this day.  Her co-worker had to leave at noon and would be gone for the remainder of the day due to a doctor’s appointment in Bismarck.  Rachel’s mother worked in Belfield for a gas company.  It was about a twenty minute drive home if it wasn’t snowing or raining.  Susan drove south on Highway 85 until she came to where she turned right to head west for about ten miles on an unpaved gravel road.  There were very few houses out that way once you turned off of Highway 85, only about six families.

About five miles from her house, Rachel’s mother passed the United Express delivery van.  Susan saw that the driver was young, about the same age as her daughter.  She had a queer and unsettling feeling about the way the driver looked, and she didn’t know why.

When she arrived home things were quiet.  There was a small cardboard box on the front porch that was addressed to Rachel that the United Express driver must have just delivered.  She entered the front room and could hear that Rachel was taking a shower.  She entered Rachel’s bedroom, her bed was a mess, and she could see that there were items that had been knocked off of their wall shelves.

When Rachel emerged from the bathroom after a few minutes in her robe, her mother called out to her, “I found a package on the front porch for you.  That cat must have gone crazy in your room.”

Rachel was surprised to hear her mother’s voice, and she wondered what she was doing home so early.  At the same time she was processing in her mind that her mother must have passed Rob out on the gravel road, and that she was saying something about him going crazy in her room, though it was awfully nonchalant if she was saying that Rob had just gone crazy in her bedroom.  She said, “What’s that you said mom?”

“I said, that cat must have gone crazy in your room.  There are all kinds of things knocked off of your shelves onto the floor.  I wonder what must have gotten into that cat.”

(The characters in this novel are fictional, and are not based on real or actual persons.  The events in this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to real or actual persons, or actual events, is entirely coincidental.)

Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 5 & 6

Chapter 5

Rob was able to complete all of his deliveries in Belfield shortly before 10:00 a.m.  It helped that he had something to look forward to.

As he drove southwest from Belfield towards Rachel’s house on the edge of the badlands, cell phone reception became worse and worse.  Rob knew from experience that although the GPS tracking unit installed under the dashboard of his delivery van was working fine, the transmitting signal was barely reaching any cell phone tower the closer he got to the badlands.  Just to make sure that his delivery van tracking unit wouldn’t allow his supervisor Gary to see that he was stopped for too long, Rob reached under the dashboard and wrapped a sheet of aluminum foil around the GPS tracking unit.  In case it became necessary, Rob also had a plan “B”, and a plan “C”, to explain to his supervisor where he had been and why he had been delayed.

Rob had been looking forward to making this delivery to Rachel ever since he had loaded his delivery van this morning.  Unlike some of the other women customers that Rob had sex with, Rachel was younger, she was only twenty, and unmarried.  He had not known her before he started working for United Express.  He had gone to Dickinson High School.  Rachel had gone to High School in Belfield probably.  He thought that from the looks of things where she lived, she was probably into FFA and rodeo, things like that, not what he was into.

The married women that Rob hooked up with, most of them didn’t say a word about birth control, and he didn’t say anything about it either.  Whether they were on the pill, had their tubes tied, were already pregnant, he didn’t care, it was not his problem. They were already married.  But Rob was used to unmarried women his own age making him use a condom.  On work days he carried several condoms in the knee pocket of his black cargo pants.

As Rob got closer and closer to Rachel’s house, he became more and more excited and aroused.  As he drove down the gravel drive way to her house, his heart was beating faster and faster, his thoughts all focused in on one thing.

Chapter 6

Rachel opened the front door with her bath robe partially open, revealing that she was completely nude.  She was intending to be provocative and alluring, but Rob reacted to this like a green light at the drag races.  He dropped her cardboard box package on the front porch without slowing down, grabbed her around her torso and forced her backwards through the front room, making a left turn with her into her bedroom, where he pushed her backward onto her bed.  Rachel had been tripping backwards off-balance all the way to her bedroom, but at least he hadn’t stepped on her bare feet.  When she landed on her back in her own bed, she bounced about a foot in the air, as the headboard and footboard of her cheap old metal bed flexed and squeaked.  This was funny to her and she kind of liked it.  It wasn’t romantic at all, but neither was he, he wasn’t really handsome enough for her to be really into him or deeply in love.

With him, the quicker the better she thought, and he was quick.  She hadn’t even come to a stop yet from bouncing off her mattress before he was climbing on top of her with his pants down.  He was so in hurry that the metal headboard slammed into the wood paneling wall behind her head and knocked several knick knacks and items from her wall shelves.  She thought this was funny and she didn’t care, she liked it.  This bed was some old cheap bed from her childhood that she didn’t care about, those knick knacks and souvenirs on her shelves from her childhood she didn’t care about, she didn’t care about any of this stuff anymore.  His affections were like a voracious attack from an animal, which was what she was expecting and wanting.  The fact that her unwanted belongings continued to fly off her shelves and break on the floor, only pleased her more.

(The characters in this novel are fictional, and are not based on real or actual persons.  The events in this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to real or actual persons, or actual events, is entirely coincidental.)

Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 3 & 4

Chapter 3

Rob’s delivery route with United Express began on the west outskirts of Dickinson, and extended to Buffalo Gap and Medora to the west, as far north as the Missouri River, and as far south as Bowman.  He would start out in the morning from Dickinson heading west, making his first deliveries on old Highway 10 through the South Heart area and continuing westward to Belfield.  Once the Belfield deliveries were completed, he could head north toward Grassy Butte on Highway 85, or he could head south on Highway 85 toward Bowman.  But today, he needed to get southwest of Belfield by 10:00 a.m.

Rob’s delivery van was equipped with a GPS tracking and sending unit, that constantly transmitted his van’s location back to United Express via cell phone towers.  His location was always known, except for when there was no cell phone coverage, or when he wrapped the GPS tracking unit in aluminum foil.

On Rob’s second day working for United Express, he had witnessed a coworker get reprimanded for his delivery van being at a stand still for fifteen minutes at one particular address.  The driver admitted and explained to his supervisor Gary, that the homeowner had a four wheeler for sale in his front yard, that he had asked about it, wanted to know if it ran, and had the owner start it up and show it to him.  The supervisor Gary, angrily explained that under no circumstances can you stop making your deliveries for this amount of time.

Later that day when Rob stopped for lunch, he searched for and found the GPS tracking and sending unit underneath the dashboard of his delivery van, to the right of the steering column.  When he got home, he did an internet search for how to block the signal, and how not to be tracked.

Chapter 4

Rob quickly got through his deliveries on the west outskirts of Dickinson and through the South Heart area.  He never had a reason to become delayed in this area, the houses were too close together, the neighbors saw and knew each other’s activities, and his big white delivery van was very noticeable.  It was usually in the more remote areas that the women customers wanted him to come inside.

From a young age, Rob had the ability to sense when women were interested in him.  He was not overly handsome, exceptionally cute, tall, charismatic, or charming.  Yet there was something about him that women liked.

The circumstances of meeting women alone in remote areas, and his gift at detecting when women had an interest in him, made him a very prolific lover.  He did not put a lot of thought into women or care about them.  He had very little to say to them, nothing that he wanted to discuss, and he did not have an interest in listening to them or asking anything about them.  This worked out fine.  In the moment, the women did not want to know if he was married, if he had kids, what his future plans were, and they sure as hell didn’t want to answer too many questions about themselves, they just wanted to have sex.

Though Rob never thought too deeply about why so many married women customers wanted to have sex with him, their “reasons” varied.  Mostly, these married women had been wondering and thinking about being unfaithful for some time, but they just did not have the opportunity.  Their only time in town was spent grocery shopping and doing errands.  Everyone knew everyone.  There was no chance to meet anyone, to talk to anyone, without being overheard and being noticed, no place to get away with someone.  This young and willing delivery driver showing up when their kids were at school and their husband was at work was like an answer to their prayers.

(The characters in this novel are fictional, and are not based on real or actual persons.  The events in this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to real or actual persons, or actual events, is entirely coincidental.)

Western North Dakota Romance Novel, Chapters 1 & 2

Chapter 1

Rachel lay on her back in bed, eyes open, with the sun shining down on her from her waist to past the foot of her bed.  She lay under her old worn pale quilt.  It was her second year after graduating from high school, and she loved not having to get up in the morning and go to school anymore.  Her father and mother were both at work, and she had the house to herself, and no one trying to get her to do anything.

Rachel was awake, and expecting a delivery from United Express this morning.  She had ordered something off the internet.  She had ordered many things lately, and she knew almost exactly when the United Express delivery truck would arrive, and who the driver would be.

She looked at her alarm clock to see how much time she had, 9:45 a.m.  She raised her bedroom window closest to the driveway and the front of the house in order to hear the delivery truck as it drove down the long gravel driveway to the house.  She removed her night clothes, and entered the bathroom adjacent to her bedroom and turned on the shower.

She was happy and in a good mood.  Her mother would not return home until 11:30 a.m. at the earliest.  She would not have to hurry.  She finished her shower, unrushed.  She dried off, brushed her teeth, and put on a robe.  10:05 a.m.

Soon she could hear the United Express panel van approaching the house down the long entrance drive.  She began to smile and smirk, but tried to regain control of her face.  She watched the van come to a stop where it usually did, and the young driver, whom she was expecting, step down from his seat at the front walk, her small package in hand.

She adjusted the sash on her robe so that it was loose, and her robe fell open as she walked to the front door.

Chapter 2

Rob had very little regard or enthusiasm for work.  He was sharp, clever, quick, and street smart.  Most of his class mates could not wait to go to work in the oil field once it was clear that there was going to be another boom back in about 2006.  A few of his acquaintances had offered to get him a job working with them, but he was not interested.  Working outside in the oilfield, it was always dirty, too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, and dangerous.  United Express was thrilled to get Rob, it was hard to get anybody, everybody else wanted to work in the oil field.

This morning Rob handled and sorted the packages that were assigned to his delivery van and his region.  He smiled to himself as he saw the package addressed to Rachel.  Rob knew that no matter what other packages he had to deliver, he had to make sure that he made this delivery to Rachel between 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., because both her mother and father would be at work.  There was no telling who might be at her house any other times during the day.  He knew that he was always able to come up with some explanation and excuse for why he had deviated from a logical efficient route.  Though his supervisor Gary did not like it, there was not much that could be done about it, it was so difficult to get drivers, and Rob was quick.

When Rob’s delivery van was loaded, and he began leaving the yard this clear Fall morning, he was happy that he had this job.  He was not going to get rained on all day, he was not going to get filthy dirty, he was not going to have to be around stupid, ugly, smelly guys.  There was no one yelling at him, and no one telling him what to do.  He laughed to himself, “And on top of it all, he got laid every day while at work.”

(The characters in this novel are fictional, and are not based on real or actual persons.  The events in this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to real or actual persons, or actual events, is entirely coincidental.)

Reasons Why The Women In Dunn County Are Prettier And Healthier Than The Women In Dickinson, North Dakota

Dunn County, North Dakota, is a completely rural county.  The largest town, Killdeer, has a population of about 1,000 people.

The people are very spread out across the county on large farms and ranches. I will explain that the way Dunn County people live and raise their children, makes them have unusually pretty and healthy women and daughters.

I want to first describe that the rural farming people in Dunn County have traditional families with both a father and a mother that are very much in charge.  Far out in the middle of no where, what mom and dad says is the law, and mom and dad are the main influence and guide, completely controlling the environment that their kids are raised in.

Life in North Dakota has always been extremely difficult in comparison to other states.  North Dakota has long and very cold winters, usually there are high winds which make it even colder with the wind chill.  The ground is not very fertile, trees and other vegetation does not flourish.  The very hard and difficult life in North Dakota dictates that rural families have to live a certain way.

Because it is cold for about seven months out of the year, and because the ground is only good for growing a few kinds of crops, for the farmers, both mom and dad have to work elsewhere, in addition to farming.  Except for the three brief oil booms, there were very few jobs in Dunn County.  Mom might be a school teacher or work at the grocery store, dad might be a mechanic.  But jobs were scarce, and jobs would often times go away due to failed crops or low crop prices.

The mom and dad farmers had to be serious and hardworking at their jobs, because jobs were scarce, and they also had to be serious and hardworking at farming, because farming in North Dakota is difficult.  The mom and dad farmers in Dunn County were not, and could not be, silly, foolish, lazy, or wasteful.  The moms and dads were not going to allow their children to be foolish, lazy, or wasteful, and they would have to work too.

In the morning before school, the kids would have some farm chores to do, like go feed the animals.  The kids might have to walk 1/2 mile down their driveway to wait for the school bus in the morning when it was typically 0 degrees Fahrenheit.  After getting let off the school bus at the end of the school day, it was 1/2 mile walk back up the driveway.  Then it was more farm chores.

After the farm chores, the kids probably had to do house chores like cleaning, doing laundry, help make dinner.  Remember, the kids are having to do this farm work and house work because their mom and dad have 9 to 5 jobs, then mom and dad have to come home and do work too.  The dad is always having to work on farm equipment, automobiles, wells, the barn, the house, plumbing, appliances, etc.

The wives and kids are busy all day working.  They hardly have time to eat.  They are certainly not sitting in front of the television all afternoon eating potato chips.  When the wives and kids do eat lunch and dinner, they probably barely replace all the food calories they use.

In all of Dunn County, there is no McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Hardees, Taco Bell, or Dominos.  All of the families have to cook dinner every night.  And no, mom and dad and their three kids are not microwaving three 300 calorie frozen dinners for each of themselves.  They are eating fresh meat, fresh vegetables, and potatoes.

The rural families might go to the grocery store once each week, or once every two weeks.  They are not buying a lot of Doritos, potato chips, Fritos, cheese puffs, pretzels, cookies, frozen dinners, or soda because it is junk food and they are trying not to waste money.  Sometimes they don’t have money to waste.

The rural families living out in the middle of no where do not have anyone interfering with the way their family lives.  They do not have the next door neighbor insisting that they take turns driving the kids to and from school if the mom and dad have already decided their kids are going to walk to the end of the driveway and wait for the bus.  There are no moms going through the drive through at McDonald’s every day.  Their kids aren’t going next door to the neighbors and sitting on the couch all afternoon eating potato chips and playing video games.

Because of the lifestyle of always doing physical work on the farm, always being active, not spending hours on the sofa watching television, not eating junk food all day, not having access to fast food, not having the time to over eat, and having to cook fresh food every day for dinner makes the women in Dunn County prettier and healthier than the women in Dickinson.

My description of life on a farm in Dunn County might seem like slavery to some readers, the isolation, no neighbors right next door, no relief from farm work responsibilities.  But it is these things that keep these families safe and healthy.  As long as all of the family members are home and doing their chores, they aren’t getting into trouble or being led astray by others.  There are no gang members, drug addicts, meth dealers, crack dealers, pedophiles, womanizers, lesbians, homosexuals, transgenders, or liberal idiots out at the farm.

High Plains Cultural Center, Killdeer, North Dakota

In late 2014, the newly constructed High Plains Cultural Center opened in downtown Killdeer on Highway 22.  The facility was constructed to serve many different functions for Killdeer and Dunn County.

The facility can hold events with up to 500 people:  business conferences, company meetings, community meetings, music concerts, dances, dinners, weddings, family reunions.  There are kitchen facilities, bar facilities, sound system, and 12’x22′ video screen.  There is a covered entrance for vehicles dropping off or picking people up.  There is a large outer lobby that is separate from the event area. There are large restrooms at each end of the event area.

During the week, the High Plains Culture Center is open from 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  There is a gym and exercise equipment on the second floor, the event area is set up for basketball or volleyball, and there is a separate Pioneer Museum adjacent to the lobby.

I like the High Plains Culture Center, and I think that this has got to be the best thing that ever happened in Killdeer or Dunn County.  I would not change a thing about the facility, it could not have turned out better, and it is not lacking anything.

I would have thought that everybody would have been proud and joyful about the High Plains Cultural Center, it is so clean, and nice, and modern.  Now, especially in the Winter, kids can play in the basketball area, moms and dads can walk the upper level track and use the exercise equipment, older people can sit and have coffee in the lobby.  They can have concerts, watch sporting events on the large screen, host charity events and dinners, have dances.  Some people in Killdeer didn’t want the event center and don’t like it.  As time passes, and people get used to the event center being there, I think that everyone will eventually appreciate it.

I have been to a couple of events at the High Plains Cultural Center, one of the events was a large wedding reception.  Dunn County is a completely rural county, with many large farms and ranches.  People are very spread out, the county is sparsely populated.  A wedding I believe is one of the few times that everybody comes to town and gets together.

Women and housewives in Dickinson hide.  Women in Dunn County hide.  There are just a few things that make them come out of hiding.  There were many attractive women at the wedding reception that I went to in Killdeer.  I was surprised.  I guess that the women in Dunn County might go to the grocery store once a week, other than that, they are just out in the middle of nowhere at the end of a dirt road.  They get married, get pregnant, have kids, raise kids, cook, clean, do laundry, and stay home.  They are attractive and healthy, but they stay home, out in the middle of nowhere.  I have never seen anything like this before, and I don’t understand it.

Everywhere that I have lived, attractive women had to be out going places and doing things, they couldn’t stand being stuck at home.  When they were out, the more that people noticed them and admired them, the more attention that they got, the better they felt about themselves.  At the wedding reception that I went to in Killdeer, I was surprised at how many women were nearly model-like in every way, their nearly perfect body proportions, clear flawless complexions, healthy shiny hair, beautiful everything, yet they did not want any attention, so much so that many of them changed out of their party dresses as soon as possible and into jeans and sweatshirts.

Maybe I can answer my own questions.  Maybe they married the guy they married, and it really was for ever, for better or worse.  If it really was forever, there should be no reason for any one else to be looking at them, or for them to want attention from any one else.  Once they were married, they knew what that meant, getting pregnant, having kids, raising kids, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and staying home.  Staying home out in the middle of no where.  These women are different.  I don’t know if I would want one of these women or not.  I got the impression that they don’t want me.