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Magellan Energy Group Proposed Davis Space Ship

Press Release 8/23/2017:

Magellan Energy Group, has announced its plans to begin building several space ships in western North Dakota, in order to travel to other planets, and to create colonies under the oceans and lakes here on Earth.

Travel to other planets will allow for the sale of materials, agricultural products, goods, and services here on Earth to hundreds of other galaxies, each with hundreds and hundreds of planets.  This should allow for the expansion of existing businesses and industries here on Earth such as telemarketing, real estate, insurance, entertainment, and tourism.

Magellan Energy Group expects to bring back to Earth technology and resources of every kind.  “We expect that minerals that are scarce here on Earth, such as platinum, gold, and silver may be much more abundant on other planets.  Investors should expect to see a 1000% return on their investment, if not more.”

“We could not have picked a more suitable place to begin constructing our inter-planetary space craft.  The wide open prairies of western North Dakota offer plenty of room for construction of the space craft, air fields, and unobstructed flight path for landing and take-off.

North Dakota is home to many skilled tradesmen in welding, fabrication, erection, machine work, electrical, hydraulic, mechanics, instrumentation, controls, and propulsion.  During construction, Magellan expects to employ 1,000 people here locally.

Magellan Properties, a division of Magellan Energy Group, plans to build residential and commercial properties under the oceans and lakes here on Earth, these will include:  single family homes, multi-family housing, hotels, retail, restaurants, movie theaters, police stations, and fire departments.

One of the main things that influenced the founding partners to base operations here in western North Dakota, is both the abundance of oil and uranium, that will serve as the fuel source for interplanetary travel, and also the fact that people here don’t look into things.”

(Note:  I wrote the Press Release above as a parody of actual press releases, that I have been reading from a company in the Dickinson area with a similar sounding name to “Magelllan Energy Group”.

Most readers who do not live in North Dakota, and many readers who do live in North Dakota, might have been wondering what this blog post was all about.  I have written one blog post about it before, about a company’s plans to build a $900 million facility in this area of North Dakota.  Though I believe that a smaller version of what they are proposing may eventually be constructed, I want to encourage local people to look into and question proposals and claims, to consider and evaluate the feasibility, cost, amount of time, and economic viability of this venture.  To not rely only on company press releases.)