I Didn’t Know That I Was Very Allergic To Amoxicillin

In mid-November I had the flu for about one week, then it turned into pneumonia.  I had pneumonia for about five days, then I began taking amoxicillin antibiotic.  After taking amoxicillin for five days, I suddenly had a rash/hives covering my entire body.

It was very frightening being completely covered in a rash of welts, and it was hideous looking.  It was also very itchy and painful.  Fortunately, I had read the list of possible side effects of amoxicillin before taking it, and I knew that it was the amoxicillin that caused the rash.

Having the flu, and then pneumonia, I had had a hard time breathing sometimes.  During periods of coughing with fluid in my lungs, a few times I was not able to catch my breath, and I nearly died.  I would have dialed 911 if I could have reached my phone and figured out how to dial it at the time, I could hardly move.

I have had so many bad experiences in Dickinson, North Dakota, where the local people have no knowledge or understanding about their own job, or anything else, and they don’t care, especially law enforcement and health care providers.  When I could think clearly, I had made up my mind that I would rather die than be dragged around by the Dickinson Police, dumped on the floor at the jail or St. Alexius Hospital, and be neglected and abused by the nurses.  But in a panic and unable to breathe, I almost wanted to call for an ambulance rather than die.

Here is an example of how the police and health care providers treat people in Dickinson when they are helpless.  A young lady named Josi Justice, who was 37 weeks pregnant was arrested by the Dickinson Police and taken to jail.  Two weeks later Josi Justice was taken for an examination at Sanford Health Clinic where an obstetrician/gynecologist determined that she “must undergo a cesarean section rather than vaginal delivery”.

Two days later, still in jail, Josi Justice began having contractions and her water broke.  The jail nurse was called on the telephone.  The jail nurse said that she was not scheduled to give birth yet.  The young lady with no help, no assistance, no medication, no treatment gave birth on the jail cell floor.  Here is the link to the full article https://www.thedickinsonpress.com/news/crime-and-courts/4664894-Stark-County-Inmate-gives-birth-in-holding-cell-%E2%80%94-sues-jail

I would rather just die in my own apartment, than be tortured by the Dickinson Police and health care providers in Dickinson.  This is one of the reasons why I couldn’t tell anyone how sick I was, if someone called the Police to perform a “welfare check” on me, and I said, no, no, I’m O.K., I don’t need any help, the Police would have been like “stop resisting” and beat me, tasered me, dragged me down the stairs, and thrown me in a jail cell with assault charges, and no medical care.

Or, if I made it to the St. Alexius Hospital, they would have been like, “We need to amputate your arms and your legs.”  Sadistic, sick, mother fuckers in Dickinson.

2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know That I Was Very Allergic To Amoxicillin

  1. have you considered that maybe you’re the issue? and that it’s not the people from here that are to blame. I’ve found one story about myself on here that’s only partially true. You view everything from an extremely biased perspective. It obviously clouds your good judgment. You’re lucky you didn’t die, a penicillin allergy is nothing to play with.


    1. Shoulder Shrug,
      Yes, I have often considered that it is just me who has problems in Dickinson, but then after reading newspaper articles about Eric Haider being buried alive on a jobsite in Dickinson and found two years later by a private investigator; the principal of Trinity High School being falsely accused of arson and being coerced into signing a confession; and reading about the female prisoner in Dickinson who gave birth in a jail cell alone with no help, I know that it’s not just me who has problems in Dickinson.

      From overhearing other people, without interjecting my opinion, from just listening and reading public reviews of the St. Alexius Hospital in Dickinson and Sanford Health in Dickinson, this is what I have learned: About 30% of the people in Dickinson, both local and out-of-state people, they would never seek any health care in Dickinson if they could help it. Of the remaining 70% of people in Dickinson who would seek health care in Dickinson, about 40% of them have a strong preference for Sanford Health because it is more professional in just about every way, than St. Alexius.

      As an example of how low the opinion of the St. Alexius Hospital in Dickinson is, a couple of years ago my landlord was having health problems which were not being addressed or dealt with effectively at the St. Alexius Hospital in Dickinson. He put the telephone on speaker phone, and he called the St. Alexius Hospital in Bismarck to try to make some appointments for medical re-evaluation, the very professional medical personnel at the St. Alexius Hospital in Bismarck denied again and again, over and over, that they were in no way related to, or had any affiliation whatsoever with the St. Alexius Hospital in Dickinson, though they are both operated by CHI, and are affiliated.


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