Beautician’s Interrogation

In Dickinson, North Dakota, I did like getting my hair cut at Luke Simon’s Gentlemen’s Barber Shop.  However, since Luke is the District 36 Representative for North Dakota, he has been working in the legislature in Bismarck for the past four or five months.

Some readers may recall my blog post article about what happened when I went to De Porres House of Barbering in Dickinson, and why I won’t be going back.

I am not very pleased with some of the other barbers that I have tried in Dickinson.  Though my preference would be to go to a men’s only barber shop, it has come to the point where I have been considering going to a beautician.  But, I don’t want and don’t think that I can handle a Dickinson beautician’s interrogation.

I shouldn’t have to explain what I mean by a beautician’s interrogation, especially to men over 30 years old.  Most, or all men over 30 years old, are tired of women service providers’ attempts to find out how much money they make, how much money they have, what they do for a living, where they work, and where they live using a not very clever, overly aggressive, pushy manner.  Beauticians are the worst of the worst when it comes to asking customers way too many personal questions to determine if they are married, if they have kids, if they have a girlfriend, what they do for a living, where they work, and if they have money.

Beauticians can be almost, but not quite as bad as female bartenders, in burdening customers with all of their personal problems and difficulties, apparently not ever realizing that customers don’t go to a beautician or bar in order to listen to the server’s problems.

The concept of being professional and providing good service to a customer is so lost in Dickinson, that I wanted to share a video below of a female barber in Turkey.  During her twenty-five minute session with a customer, not once did she ask him any prying questions about himself, nor share any of her personal problems:

What is absurdly funny, is when women watch these videos showing a very tranquil barber shop where the customer is receiving a very relaxing massage or shave, they say, “Oh, that looks so relaxing, I would like to have that done.”  American women don’t even realize that what they are watching is so relaxing, because there is no woman asking a hundred prying questions or complaining about her personal problems, which is what American women do when they provide customer service or personal services.

3 thoughts on “Beautician’s Interrogation

    1. Rusty,
      Thank you very much for the recommendation, I will probably try it. I blotted out the name because I didn’t want to cause anyone any problems.

      Most readers assumed that what I meant was that beauticians were asking me so many questions in order to date me. No, that’s not it, ever since I was forty, beauticians were always trying to find out what I did for a living, where I worked, what I did, how much money I made, and how much money I had, in order to get enough information to go tell their boyfriend, husband, brother, or father.


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