Toyota Service Department Has The Best Looking Women

I believe very strongly in taking Fords to the Ford dealer, Dodges to the Dodge dealer, and Toyotas to the Toyota dealer for service or repairs.  The Ford mechanics have worked on hundreds of F150s, and the Dodge mechanics have worked on hundreds of Ram 1500s, they work on them every single day.  Whatever you have wrong with an F150 or Ram 1500, the Ford and Dodge mechanics have already performed that repair on these trucks dozens of times.

I have sat in the waiting area of Ford and Dodge dealer service departments all over the United States, waiting on my F150 or Ram 1500, but once you have to take a vehicle to a Toyota or Honda dealer service department, this is an entirely different experience.

In my entire life, I think that one time in Tampa, I was waiting in a Ford dealer service department and there was an attractive woman waiting for her vehicle.  I have only owned Toyotas since 2014, and every time that I go to the Toyota dealer service department, there are attractive women waiting for their vehicles.

In Dickinson, North Dakota, there is a shortage of women, and a scarcity of attractive women, but not in the Toyota Honda dealer service department.  In the Toyota Honda dealer service department in Dickinson, they have two very nice looking young ladies who work there, who act normal, which is way out of the ordinary for Dickinson, but this blog post isn’t even about them.

Partly because the Dan Porter Toyota Honda dealer in Dickinson has white tile floors, nice furniture, glass walls like an atrium, a men’s and a women’s bathroom, a variety of magazines to read, and calm, quiet, well-mannered employees, women don’t mind sitting and waiting for their vehicles.

Nice looking older women sit with good posture, reading the book that they brought with them.  Cute college student girls, can’t sit still in their chairs for long, and play with their phones.  I try to be on my best behavior, so that I don’t get kicked out, but it is difficult.

This time and the last time, a very good looking young lady wearing tight yoga pants came and sat next to me while I was waiting for my Toyota to get an oil change.  I wanted to look at her so bad, but I knew that she would catch me, and get mad.  I kept telling myself over and over again, “Do Not Look, Do Not Look, Do Not Look…..”, but eventually I would look.

I was telling myself, “You are going to get kicked out, and they are going to roll your Toyota out with all of the oil drained out of it and the oil filter off, and tell you to leave.”  I felt that I needed to get up and move to the other seating area before I got kicked out, but I couldn’t, because there was another one just like the one sitting next to me, that went and sat down in the other seating area wearing tight riding pants.  If I went to the sales area, a salesperson would get me.

Even though I wasn’t supposed to be looking, the one seated next to me was not only good looking, she had very large breasts.  She didn’t get mad at me, she fell asleep.

Thank God I didn’t get kicked out of the Toyota Honda dealer in Dickinson, or I would be driving 100 miles to Bismarck.

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