How I Feel About President Barack Obama

I left my home in Idaho in the Spring of 2011, to come to North Dakota to work in the oil field.  Because there was a shortage of housing during the oil boom, and housing in western North Dakota became more expensive than anywhere else in the United States, I slept in a 1970s camper on the back of my truck at WalMart, at Tiger Truck Stop, and behind the businesses where I worked.

By November-December of 2011, I had hurt my back so bad at work, that I could not walk.  I went back home to Idaho for a few months, and in the Spring of 2012, I went to work in the oil field in Texas.  In the Spring of 2013, I came back to North Dakota.

In the past seven years, I have spent less than a total of six months at my home in Idaho.  I have missed my friends, my girlfriends, friendly attractive healthy women, nice restaurants, working on my cars and motorcycles, working on my house, mowing my lawn, cooking out on my porch, and having pets.

In western North Dakota, there has been a shortage of women, a scarcity of attractive women, mean unfriendly women, no nice restaurants, very difficult housing arrangements, no where to go, very little to do, and unhelpful uncooperative people.

I stayed in North Dakota because I could make more money than in Idaho, and I didn’t know where else to go, or what else to do.  I wanted to make enough money to pay off all of my bills, and then go back home, but I never made enough money to go home.

In 2016, that was the most money that I ever made.  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, I worked 12 hours each day for one company in Watford City.  Thursday, Friday, Saturday I worked for a second company in Dickinson.  I also did some self-employment work outside of my first and second job.  That year, I believe that I made more money than a police officer, real estate agent, high school teacher, or college professor in Dickinson.

On both of my employer Form W-4 income tax withholding forms, I checked just one withholding allowance for myself, so that the correct amount of income tax would be withheld from my paychecks, so that I would not owe additional money in taxes at the end of the year.  (The more withholding allowances that you claim, the less taxes that are withheld from your paycheck, and you run the risk of owing additional money in taxes at the end of the year.)

For Year 2016, even though I paid a shit-ton of income taxes all year long from what was taken out of my pay checks by my two employers, I still owed an additional $2,000 in income taxes.  How could this be?

For one thing, I could blame $800 of this on President Barrack Obama’s tax penalty for me not having health insurance, the Obamacare penalty.  In 2016, I did not have health insurance, like always.  I paid for one emergency room visit, and three visits to the dentist.  But it is not enough that I pay for my own medical care, I have to pay for other people’s medical care too, in Barack Obama’s opinion.

Barack Obama, a black man from Kenya, who received free scholarships and free living expense money to attend colleges in the United States, and who later became the front man for community organizations in Chicago, and received more free money, of course he is going to figure on working people paying for non-working people’s health care, and create ridiculous welfare legislation that benefits his supporters and constituents.

Regarding my income taxes, if I had worked a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job, Monday through Friday, I would have thought, this sucks that I have to pay so much in income taxes.  However, because I had to drive to Watford City to work 48 hours in four days, then drive back to Dickinson to work more hours, and I don’t ever even get to go home and have a normal life, this really, really sucks.

When I see Barack Obama, speaking in his self-assured, cavalier style, I hate him, I can’t even legally say or write what I think about Barack Obama.  Barack Obama’s presidency, his supporters, and his agenda, reminds me of a tenant who moves into an apartment, who doesn’t pay rent, and does damage to the apartment, yet you can’t get him out of the apartment, and it takes months and months to get him legally evicted.  After the fact, you realize that he never intended to pay rent, and that he has no remorse, guilt, shame, or accountability.  I hope that we never do this again.

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