Nice Skank Girl Gave Me 14 Chicken Nuggets

Recently I had to drive from Dickinson, North Dakota where I have been living and working for the past five years, back to Idaho where I have a home.  On this website, I complain again and again about there being a shortage of women in western North Dakota.  Because there is a shortage of women in western North Dakota, the women that are here do not care very much about their appearance, and they are mean and unfriendly.

When I get to leave Dickinson, I look forward to experiencing a different environment, and being around people that are normal, like people in other parts of the United States.  At one of my first stops in Montana, I met a very nice skank girl.

I like nice skank girls.  I have written about them before on this website.  This is what they are like:

Skank girls grow up being disadvantaged and underprivileged.  They are born into a life where one or both parents have a drug or alcohol addiction, one or both parents are absent from the home, one or both parents are in prison, or one or both parents are killed in an accident.

Unlike other girls, they are not enrolled in girl scouts, dance classes, or piano lessons, because there is no money for that, and there is no one to take them.  In high school they will not be a cheerleader, on the homecoming court, play sports, or be in band.  They grow up seeing the lives of other people, and observing how other people behave and what other people do.

In high school, skank girls sometimes blossom into beautiful young ladies, but since they are from poor or disreputable families, they are not acknowledged or paid attention to.

All of these adverse conditions and circumstances that skank girls grow up under, often makes them very introspective, intelligent, perceptive, emotionally deep and strong, self-reliant, stoic, and non-complaining.  They do not have high expectations in life, they seek simple pleasures and comfort, and they appreciate when anyone does something nice for them.

Continuing with my story, I stopped in a McDonalds in a small town in Montana.  Behind the counter was a young attractive skank girl, about 19 to 23 years of age.  She was 5’-5”, 110 lbs, with medium length black hair, and pale white unblemished skin, except for one tattoo that was showing.

She was wearing what I believe were thin wool black riding pants.  Not spandex, not leggings, riding pants.  I thought, here we go, look at this, this is something different, I have never seen any woman in North Dakota wearing riding pants.

I couldn’t think of anything appropriate to say, to express my interest in her, or that I wanted to be with her.  Though I said nothing to her about this, I didn’t have to, because skank girls are very perceptive.  I ordered a ten piece chicken McNugget meal, and I walked away with my drink cup.

I went and I sat down with my laptop computer at a table not far from the counter.  Rather than yell at me to come get my order, this nice young attractive skank girl carried it out to me, which was very nice of her, because I got to see better what she looked like, which she knew I wanted to.  I now noticed that she was wearing knee high winter boots with her black tight wool riding pants, which was very nice looking on her, because she was so thin.

I opened my ten piece chicken McNugget box, and “Wow, my God!, there has got to be way more than ten  McNuggets in here!  1, 2, 3…..9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.  Fourteen chicken McNuggets!”  No one has ever given me 14 chicken McNuggets before.

See!, see!, the instant that I get out of western North Dakota, it is like a whole new World!  It is like getting out of prison!

Note:  Skank girls are not white trash.  To learn more about a skank girl, you might read the book “The Southerners” by Edna Lee.

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