Warning To Women In Dickinson, About Me

I should probably give this warning to women in Dickinson, about me, at least annually or bi-annually.  I do not want women in Dickinson to ruin their marriages or careers by having a relationship with me, it is not worth it.

Even women who are intelligent, accomplished, and have good sense, are vulnerable and susceptible to being seduced, or falling victim to their own desires.  Boredom, loneliness, curiosity, empathy, lust, the feeling of excitement and danger, the desire for revenge, and the feeling of being in love are things that lead women to be involved with men that they shouldn’t be.

For women who have been married for many years, it may seem that there have been way more bad times than good, nothing turning out the way that they wanted or expected, feeling that they have been used and unappreciated.  It may seem this way, especially when one chooses to ignore the good things, caring, and happiness that does exist in marriage.  Being with me would or could ruin your marriage, and you might only realize what you had lost after it was irretrievably broken.

Friendships, social contacts, social standing, and a reputation are very important to women.  Each one of these four elements, are interdependent on the others.  A woman might not be able to maintain friendships, social contacts, or her social standing, if she gains a bad reputation.  A woman’s whole life, her career, her success, might be dependent upon her reputation.

If a woman in Dickinson were to become involved with me, and it became known, her reputation would suffer.  Dickinsonians would ask themselves what is wrong with her, doesn’t she have any sense, and doesn’t she know any better?  She would be considered to be a traitor.

Further warning is this, I like to sleep, I am usually behind in doing laundry, I like to play, I don’t like to spend money, and I don’t have a lot of money.  Soon, any woman would get tired and frustrated with this.

I am warning any woman who is married, who has a successful career, or who is on the verge of having a successful career, to not have too much involvement with me.

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