Important Criticism That Bigfoot Hunter Tim Coonbo Baker Needs To Hear

I explained in a recent previous blog post that I had been looking at the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website for the past 15 years.  I gained about 90% of my knowledge about Bigfoot and Bigfoot behavior from the BFRO.  As it turns out, I should have been looking for information elsewhere, because the BFRO was lacking some very important information.

About three weeks ago, I stumbled upon a YouTube video where Tim “Coonbo” Baker and his friend “Bear” were giving a presentation about Bigfoot to a small audience of people.  This YouTube video was recorded on 9/19/17, and it was uploaded by UPARS LA on 10/16/17, and it is 2 hours 52 minutes in length.

Besides the famous Patterson-Gimlim film from 1967 that clearly shows a Bigfoot for approximately 20 seconds, and the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, Tim “Coonbo” Baker may have the most important information and knowledge on Bigfoot.

There are three areas that Tim “Coonbo” Baker has important first-hand knowledge on, that is hard to get from other sources:  1)  Bigfoot communication and vocalization;  2)  Specific corroborated knowledge of more than several cases where Law Enforcement investigated brutal killings of people by Bigfoot;  3)  Specific knowledge of at least four distinct species of Bigfoot and a classification system.

Tim “Coonbo” Baker’s specific knowledge and ability to demonstrate that there are at least four distinct species of Bigfoot in the United States is probably the most significant finding on Bigfoot in history.  His description of the four different species clears up and explains many of the discrepancies and arguments about Bigfoot that have been going on for over 100 years.  This is my recollection of his classification system:

  • Type 1:  Very tall and large Bigfoot found mostly in the Pacific Northwest.  The least aggressive towards humans.
  • Type 2:  Slightly smaller Bigfoot than Type 1, but the most common Bigfoot in the U.S.  Large and ape-like in appearance.  Slightly more aggressive towards humans.
  • Type 3:  Can be just as large as Type 1 and Type 2, but far less common.  Appearance is different because face has a slight snout.  Even though less common, they have a history of aggression and violence towards humans.
  • Type 4:  Can be just as large as the other Types 1, 2, and 3.  The least common Bigfoot.  Appearance is very different, because this Bigfoot resembles a wolf-man.  The head resembles a wolf, the legs resemble wolf legs, the mouth has canine or fang teeth, but this Bigfoot walks upright on its hind legs.  Usually always violent and aggressive towards humans.

Tim “Coonbo” Baker can substantiate his information, knowledge, and claims by his own personal first-hand experiences which are many; by his in-person verification with Law Enforcement, Fish & Game, and Park Rangers who were at the scene of many cases; and through witness photographs taken of different kinds of Bigfoot.

I have looked and looked on the internet for all of the interviews and presentations given by Tim “Coonbo” Baker, and they are all a mess, except for the one YouTube video uploaded by UPARS LA on 10/16/17.  Even on this one and only presentation where Tim “Coonbo” Baker is mostly able to give his information in a semi-serious, concise, and professional manner, he was not able to talk about everything due to running out of time and interruptions.  Please read the comments on this YouTube video that the viewers wrote, most of these comments expressed regret that he ran out of time.  Here is my comment:

Tim “Coonbo” Baker:

Your experiences, knowledge, information, and understanding of Bigfoot is very, very important.  Even though you may have started out doing your investigations as a hobby and something that you have enjoyed, your collective experience, knowledge, information, and understanding of Bigfoot is too important, to not get this information out in a serious manner.

Starting out, you may have been invited on various radio programs and to various venues because of people’s interest in the Bigfoot subject, as a novelty and form of entertainment.  I have tried and tried to find interviews that you have given, to listen to what you have to say about Bigfoot, but on virtually every interview, you are interrupted, sidetracked, and your time is taken up by other people, and you have been prevented from giving all of your information.

You are getting old in age now, and I am begging you for my sake, and the sake of many people, to Please, Please, make at least one video presentation, without anyone, and I mean anyone, interrupting you or getting you sidetracked, so that you can fully and completely tell your childhood experiences and conclusions from your family farm, your later investigations as an adult, your understanding and conclusions about vocalizations and communication, your knowledge of the specific cases of Bigfoot homicides, and your evidence for the classification of Bigfoot in the U.S. into at least four distinct species.

If you make just one video telling most of what you have found, this will be just as valuable or even more valuable than the Patterson-Gimlin film to the understanding and acknowledgment of Bigfoot.

Here is the video with Tim Coonbo Baker, where he almost got through everything that he wanted to cover:

6 thoughts on “Important Criticism That Bigfoot Hunter Tim Coonbo Baker Needs To Hear

  1. I absolutely agree! He has done podcasts with only himself and the host, but somehow still gets sidetracked. Could be that he has so much into to give, that he wants to give all, but gets sidetracked off the original subject. I do hope that he writes a book. Many have suggested it. We’ll see if he finally listens. I’ve met Coonbo. He’s a great guy, he’s the real deal, honor, honest, and a True Gentleman. When you think of the word ‘Honorable’, it applies to him.
    Opposite of his former partner. Bless you for your observation.


    1. You have to be a licensed veterinarian to possess those drugs and you are audited periodically as to how, when, where, and upon what animal. Even wildlife biologists either work with or under veterinarian supervision when using those drugs. They are often genera(or family) specific. Those that safely work on humans and primates are the most restricted


  2. Tim Baker was until resently, a member of ” Bigfoot Outlaws ” podcast on YouTube. He tells his experience in over 30 episodes. He does not share pictures or. “Booger calls” with the general public through.


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