Jan Murtha Taking Over As Dickinson City Attorney, But She Is Probably Not Available For Dating

I have to work out of town several days each week.  As I was driving back to Dickinson this evening, the drive was boring and monotonous, because I didn’t have anything to look forward to in Dickinson.  Just grocery shopping.  Then I have to leave again tomorrow morning.

When I got home, I looked at my blog website statistics to see how many views my website got and to see if there were any comments.  I had good readership recently, and I saw that this was because Google had listed some of my blog posts under Dickinson Local News Community Update.  In order to see which of my blog posts Google had included in Dickinson Local News, I scrolled through the Google Local News and I saw a Dickinson Press newspaper story titled, “Jan Murtha Taking Over As Dickinson City Attorney”.

From the photograph that was included with this Dickinson Press newspaper article, it appeared to me that Jan Murtha might be attractive.  Though this photograph of Jan was perhaps meant to be plain and stark, to accompany news articles focusing on her professional work and accomplishments, I thought that she might actually be good looking.

I read the Dickinson Press newspaper article.  This article said that Jan had been working as a North Dakota Assistant Attorney General in Bismarck, before that she worked as an assistant county attorney in Duluth, Minnesota, and that she had also worked in private practice.

I was glad that the City of Dickinson was going to fill an important staff position with someone from some place else, who was not from Dickinson, who probably did not go to school in North Dakota, who had worked outside of North Dakota.  Possibly a “normal” person.  This would be good for Dickinson.  Also, it looks much, much better for the City of Dickinson to have a City Attorney who is not an employee of a local law office.

I was thinking that Jan would be a good girlfriend for me.  The Dickinson Press newspaper did not say anything about Jan being married and the name of her husband, which is something that they usually do when someone is married.  I frantically did Google searches trying to see if Jan was married, and to try to find any more photographs of Jan.  As most readers know, there is a shortage of women in Dickinson.

In my haste and excitement, it appeared to me that I had found out that Jan or “Janilyn” was the daughter of the late Thomas Murtha, a long time Dickinson attorney.  So much for Janilyn not being from Dickinson, I thought, at least she went to work out of state,  and worked in Bismarck as an Assistant Attorney General.  I did see that Jan was formally going by “Ms. Janilyn Murtha”, so certainly, she was not married.  I read that she went to law school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Thank God, not North Dakota.

I was going to include Ms. Janilyn Murtha on my widely known blog post “List Of Attractive Women In Dickinson” right away, in order for her to feel welcome and appreciated, and also in order for men to be alerted to the fact that she was available for dating.  As most readers know, there is a shortage of women in Dickinson.

I wanted to write a blog post about how “Wonderful” it was that Ms. Janilyn Murtha would be taking over as City Attorney, that she was attractive, not married, and available for dating, in a way that wouldn’t make her decline the job and move away.  My strategy was, that calling attention to her attractiveness and singleness, would cause all kinds of dumb ass men to proposition her several times a day, for months.  This would result in three possibilities:

  1. She would soon meet a man that was nicer than all of the other dumb asses, and this would be the one that she picks and stays with.
  2. She would soon become accustomed to being propositioned all of the time, though worn out and tired of it.  After dating whoever she thought had potential, seemingly meeting everyone there was to meet, and not finding any one, this is when I would want to make her acquaintance.
  3. She would move away.

In preparation for writing my blog post about Ms. Janilyn Murtha, I continued to try to find out more about her, by performing internet searches, especially trying to find more photographs of her.  Eventually, I found that in 2006 Jan was married to Thomas Murtha IV, son of the late Thomas Murtha III.

This changes things.  If Ms. Janilyn Murtha is married, she is probably not available for dating.  I would have felt like an idiot, writing an enthusiastic blog post about a nice unmarried woman moving to Dickinson, when in fact, she is married.

I blame this near embarrassing mishap, on Janilyn, her husband, and the Dickinson Press.  This caused me a great deal of confusion, this “Ms.” business, and it nearly caused havoc in Dickinson.  Why, why, why in Dickinson, would any woman want to go by “Ms.” instead of “Mrs.”?  This is just inviting trouble.  As most readers know, there is a shortage of women in Dickinson.

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