Donald Trump Winning The Election

I am happy that Donald Trump won the presidential election.  I did not think that this was going to happen.  I thought that in most states, the liberal voters in the large cities would greatly outnumber the conservative voters in the rural areas.  This is what happened in 2008 and 2012.

I still have a map of the United States from the 2012 presidential election that shows what counties voted Republican and what counties voted Democrat.  In Colorado, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Washington, the 2012 election results map showed that the rural areas voted Republican, and the cities like Denver, Philadelphia, Portland, and Seattle voted Democrat.  Overall, the vast majority of the land area in the United States showed up as red in color, meaning Republican.  However, the very large cities in most states showed up as blue in color, Democrat.  The tremendous amounts of people in the large cities caused many states to have a Democrat majority even though the vast amount of land area in these states showed red, Republican.

I do not like that the city rats determine how the rest of the United States is governed.  In the cities, they like their crack, meth, heroin, drug dealers, drive-by shootings, gangs, car jackings, cop shootings, riots, lesbians, gays, transgenders, HIV AIDS, public transportation, public housing, welfare, welfare moms, crack babies, and Obamacare.

In the rural areas, people like to have a job, have a house, have a truck, have a wife and kids, pay their bills, peace and quiet, be left alone, and leave others alone.  The people in the rural areas don’t want the same things as the people in the big cities.

Fortunately, there were enough people, including some Blacks and some Hispanics, that decided that they would rather return to a more conservative way of life, and that the liberal way of living was not what they wanted.

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