Marinna Marsh, My Eighth Most Favorite Person In Dickinson, North Dakota

Marinna Marsh is my eighth most favorite person in Dickinson, North Dakota because of her beauty and her personality. She is the daughter of Bernie Marsh, the owner of the downtown bar The Esquire Club. Bernie and his wife had about ten children, and every one of them is named with an “M”, like Max, Mariah, and Miranda. All of the Marsh children that I have met have dark hair, except for Marinna who is blond. Many of the Marsh children work at Bernie’s Esquire Club, including Marinna.

In 2011 when I first came to Dickinson to work, I complained to my co-workers that there were no attractive women in Dickinson. They said, “You should see Marinna Marsh.” The second company that I went to work for, the company owner’s kids went to school with the Marsh kids, the company owner said to me, “You should see Marinna Marsh, she is quite attractive.” When I came back to Dickinson in 2013, my new co-workers said, “You should see Marinna Marsh.”

It is a good thing that I never saw or met Marinna Marsh in 2011, 2012, or 2013, because she wasn’t married then, and I never would have left her alone. I probably saw some of her pictures on Facebook in 2014. In 2015, I saw her about once a week on a television commercial for active duty military personnel overseas, she was with her boyfriend or husband. I saw Marinna in person several times in 2015 and 2016. In order to not get run off right away by her mom, dad, brothers, and sisters, I waited to talk to her.

To me, her physical appearance, personality, and disposition make her the most attractive girl in North Dakota. She is like a nice girl cat. When she is not doing anything, she settles right down, still and contented. When she has to do something, she rouses right up without objection. But she is better than a cat because she can talk, and drive a car, and she can probably even pay bills on time if you gave her a check book. And, on top of everything else, she is Bohemian.

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