Not Just Problem Women Moving To North Dakota

In a recent blog post, I wrote about crazy women moving to Western North Dakota, partly because they had ruined their employment opportunities where they came from, and partly because the employers here were not checking people’s backgrounds.

A few times in previous blog posts, I wrote that men who never learned a trade, developed any work skills, never performed any work competently, were moving to North Dakota expecting that they would get a high paying job. The truth was, they weren’t likely to get any job. That’s right, forget what the newspapers and television news were saying, if you had never been able to hold a job where you came from, you wouldn’t be able to hold a job in Dickinson either.

If you had a commercial drivers license, were a good welder, an electrician, a plumber, a good carpenter, or an experienced laborer, you could get a job in Dickinson. Example, if you said that you were a carpenter, and you went to work and cut a bunch of boards the wrong length, you were done, just like when you were back in Minnesota where you came from. If you said that you were a laborer, and you went to work digging for one hour, and then you couldn’t handle it any more, you were done, just like when you were back in Idaho.

A friend of mine from Dickinson has been poor most of his life. He is in his 50s. I paid him to help me in my self employed contracting work. I spotted a very nice looking vehicle at the house where we were working, that had been parked for quite a while. I explained to my friend who was working with me, that this was a very expensive high quality vehicle, and that if the extremely expensive all-time four wheel drive was not broken, this was a good vehicle. I bet that the homeowner just wants it out of here. I talked to my friend about it for several days, what could possibly be wrong with the vehicle, we researched it on the internet. The homeowner wanted to get rid of it, and accepted what I had paid my friend for his work, plus $250.

My friend did not have any money to spare, so he spent a lot of time on the internet researching every mechanical problem to see what it could be. He correctly diagnosed everything. He changed the water pump. He took apart the alternator and changed the brushes. He found why and where the transmission was leaking and fixed the seal. He took apart the dash to try to find why the ventilation controls weren’t working. He and I could not find what was wrong behind the dash, until it was my idea to stick a camera up in there like a gynecologist to see what was going on. He posted these pictures on the internet, to show others how to fix the dash controls.

Lastly, my friend took apart the exhaust, and went looking for used parts and a muffler. The used “Flowmaster Muffler” that he got for about $100 was the icing on the cake, the ribbon on the package, and the most expensive part he bought. The vehicle was completely repaired, everything worked. This was the nicest vehicle that he had ever owned, the nicest vehicle that anyone in his family had ever owned. The deep dark paint was in very good condition, there were no dents or scratches, the exterior looked really nice. The interior had nice leather seats. He and his family had never owned a vehicle with leather seats. I was happy for him.

I got a third job in Watford City. I arranged for my friend that I am talking about, to get hired to work with me. We sometimes stay overnight in an apartment that is rented by our employer. After a couple of months of staying in this apartment, a new tenant moved into the building. He is a man about our age, but he is a pussy. He has a slim build, and lacks musculature, he is almost effeminate. He has an out-of-state license plate from the West Coast. I could not imagine what such pussy thinks he is going to do for a living in Watford City. In Watford City, you had better be a truck driver, welder, electrician, plumber, mechanic, carpenter, or laborer if you want to get a job, because that’s all there is.

I said to my friend today, I haven’t seen that little guy that drives the Toyota, that just moved in here about a month ago, I haven’t seen him for about a week, have you seen him? My friend answered, “No, I haven’t seen him for about a week, but the last time I saw him, he complained about my vehicle exhaust being too loud.”.   I told my friend, you don’t worry about it, every diesel truck here is louder than your vehicle.

This made me very angry. This was the nicest vehicle my friend had ever owned. He worked so hard to get everything fixed on it. The “Flowmaster Muffler” is a high quality muffler, that doesn’t mute the engine completely, if you are proud of your 360 V-8 engine. Now, this complaint comes from some pussy guy from the West Coast, who just arrived here in North Dakota, who doesn’t know what the fuck is going on. This is an example of problem people moving to North Dakota.

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