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Have Women Caused The End Of Bars, Nightclubs, Gyms, And Marriage?

Lately I have seen some articles, blog posts, and vlogs expressing some ideas that I agree with concerning women, and mentioning other ideas about women that I had not thought about or considered.

Eight months ago I wrote a blog post about women ruining a small weight room gym that I began going to in Dickinson.  I deliberately went to this gym which was only about 1,500 square feet, instead of the more than 40,000 square foot West River Community Center in Dickinson, in order to avoid women and the problem of women getting in the way at the gym.

After I wrote my blog post about women ruining the small gym, just like they ruined the weight lifting area at the West River Community Center, I received many reader comments saying that I was the one who had the problem, that I should just work out at home.

Now, I have recently been seeing that there are hundreds of articles and video blogs about women ruining gyms, that are nearly identical to what I wrote.  Universally, the complaints are that even though there are “women only” gyms, and good gyms for women, that women will seek out gyms and weight rooms that were intended for men, in order to get in the way, be a distraction, and try to get attention.

To the hundreds of articles and video blogs about women ruining gyms, male readers left hundreds of comments saying essentially, “I used to go to gyms until my workouts became ruined by attention seeking women who were being a distraction and getting in the way.  I began working out at home, and now I don’t go to gyms anymore.”

I had not thought of this, or realized this, but many male readers also began leaving essentially the same comment “Bars and nightclubs are dead, and women have begun trying to use gyms in place of bars and nightclubs to get the attention of men.  Women have sought out gyms that are used primarily by men, in order to show up wearing tight yoga pants and push-up sports bras, dressing even more provocatively than they would have been allowed to at a nightclub.”

Male commentors also pointed out that “Women dressing provocatively at male gyms allows them to get the attention that they want from everyone, by constantly bending over in front of men to show their asses and boobs.  However, these same women will treat any interest from 90% of the men at gyms as harassment, for even looking at them or speaking to them.”

It was pointed out by men that “Women ruined bars and nightclubs” to where people do not go to bars and nightclubs anymore, and have caused many bars and nightclubs to go out of business.  They explained that especially in the cities, men used to go out to bars and clubs at night in order to meet and try to pick up women.  It was expected that men would offer to buy women drinks.

However, once there became several criminal cases where women and their attorneys claimed that women could not legally have given consent to have sex after having consumed alcohol, therefore they were raped by the men that they went home with, men began to realize that they could not buy women drinks in a bar and try to go home with them.  Keep in mind that even though both men and women consumed drinks in a bar or nightclub, and went home together, it was only the man who was guilty of rape because only a women was incapable of making a decision and legally not responsible after consuming alcohol, though this legal argument is not effective in removing responsibility from women in any other type of case such as DUI, assault, theft, or murder.

Men concluded that just like women ruined bars and nightclubs to where there is no point for men to go to bars and nightclubs, and many bars and nightclubs have closed, that women are ruining gyms to where gyms will begin closing too.  Men used to go to gyms to exercise and work out, but when women began showing up at gyms to try to get attention, get in the way, and accuse men of looking at them, there began to be no point in men going to gyms any longer.

Once men became forced to stop and think more about what women were doing, dressing provocatively at work and then making claims of harassment at work, then coming to gyms dressed provocatively and accusing men of looking at them, going to nightclubs to have men buy them drinks, then accusing men of raping them because they had consumed alcohol, and watching how divorce settlements worked, men began to realize that there was very little chance that they could have any involvement with women without disastrous consequences.

Why would a man want to become married to a woman, when what this means is a man paying the majority of the bills while married, buying his wife a car and a home, and then likely going through a divorce where his wife will keep the car, keep the home, and he will be forced to continue to have to pay her after the divorce.

Women are turning out to be so much trouble, that men are realizing they are better off not having anything to do with them and trying to stay away from them.

I Thought Women Were Getting In The Way At Gyms Because They Are Stupid

In the beginning of December 2017, I wrote a blog post article that was very favorable about a new gym that had opened in Dickinson, North Dakota called The Pit Gym.  Though this gym was small, it was set up primarily for the use of free weights, heavy weight bench press, heavy weight squat, and heavy weight dead lift.

I thought that there was no way that women would have any interest in The Pit Gym, because it didn’t have a women’s locker room, cardiovascular equipment, hardly any leg machines, no television, nothing that they would be interested in.  I was wrong.

In May of 2018, six months later, I wrote a blog post article titled, “The Beginning Of The Ruining Of The Pit Gym”, because women began showing up at this gym, and they began doing the same things that they do at every gym that they go to.

I thought that this was happening because women are stupid, and they didn’t know or understand that the whole reason why there needed to be a power lifting gym in Dickinson, was to have a place where women didn’t go and take up every spot using just the 45 lb bar with no weight on it.

At that time, I didn’t know that this was a World-wide scheme by women, to try to force men to pay attention to them.  I thought that women were just too stupid to know what a nuisance they were in the gym, but it turns out that they did know, and that this is all deliberate.

Here is a video created by a middle-aged Black man, explaining this:

Here are some insightful comments that were left by viewers under this video:

That’s why I say feminists must have their own gym.
We need males only gym.
The women work out real hard at the gym, 1 set of exercise, 10 minutes on smart phone. 1 set of exercise, 10 minutes on smart phone.
I stopped going to gyms years ago because i got tired of the thotty’s who wear makeup to the gym. I work out at the house, and jog outside now.
I used to be a fitness/bodybuilding gym rat in the 90s in California. GOLDS gym Redondo, 24 hour fitness off PCH and chrenshaw, and LA fitness at Del Amo mall. It’s always kind of been a hookup spot but I have noticed myself women that have no place in a gym just taking up space and equipment lately.
I do my workouts between 3 A.M. and 6 A.M. No women are in sight.
What are they going to do once men start building home gyms?
parasites and leeches SMH.
Simple AttentionNomics for them to Invade every Male space and maximize the attention they receive.
I just work out at home now.
Most of the women at my gym are there for attention, validation, and the hook up. They are usually over 35 years old, trying to get back in the game. They do all this squatting, and glute work were they are always bending over or showing off their ass. Watch how their eyes are roaming when they are working out.
I’ve ignored the gym thots for a long time. Wear a large hoodie to cover half my face so I don’t have to see them. They don’t like it either. I wish there was a male only gym I could go to but that won’t be allowed. Yet women have their own gyms. Go figure.
And the exact reason i no longer go to the gym. have a home gym.
Wow I thought I was the only one that noticed that these women are at gym showing all their body for attention! Its ridiculous.. I had one chick step right in front of me while I was doing abs.. & bent all the way over! I could not help but see the snatch print!! It’s so many Instagram thots at golds gym! I am 52 in good shape! I even got lesbians following me around the gym..they are getting desperate!! Gvb.
Men only gyms. Simple.
That’s why I have a home gym.
We all know the whole #MeToo thing is usually just asking for attention. So even though they complain about being stared at by men, in actuality they like it and only complain as a a way to say “see girls I’m so attractive since all these men are looking at me. “
Starve the parasite.
That’s why I don’t go to the gym.
Men, don’t give women any attention at the gym. Save yourself the irritation and money and exercise at home, you won’t be missing out on anything.
Anywhere there seems to be a prevalence of men frequenting in one particular area, broads, sluts, and whores will try to run as fast as they can to get attention and money from men. This is why it’s so important that only men run and control their clubs, groups, and meetings…’lest you want women to stink it up like everywhere else. Sports games were invaded, there’s no telling what will be next.
I have a home gym, I refuse to deal with women in anyway shape or form. ALL women are man hating feminists.
I have written previously that most of the Gyms in the United States have been transformed into Fitness Centers over the past twenty years.  Concrete and wood floors being replaced with carpeting, rusty steel plates and bars being replaced with upholstered cable machines, stereos playing rock music being replaced with televisions showing Dr. Phil, in order to be more appealing to women.
It looks like gyms/fitness centers are presenting so many problems for men now, that men just won’t go to them anymore, and exercise at home.  Without men going to gyms, women won’t go either, and all gyms will go out of business.  I don’t think that gym owners ever saw that this was going to happen.