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A Quick Story About Men Wanting To Get Away From Women

When I was living in Idaho, this was about eight years ago, I was friends with a man who managed a bar and restaurant.  I will call this man John, though that is not his real name.  John and his brothers had each played every sport in high school, basketball, baseball, football, hockey, wrestling, and they boxed too.

John had joined the Marines after high school, and several of his brothers became football coaches at different schools in Idaho.  John, his brothers, and most of their friends were married.  John was in his early fifties by the way.

When there were college football playoffs, especially when Boise State University was playing, John, his brothers, and some of their friends would get together at someone’s house to watch the football games.  They had a lot of food, snacks, and beverages.

The problem became, that one or more of the men would show up to watch the football game with their wife.  The wives would say that they wanted to come, but once they got there, they didn’t really want to be there or watch the game.  Inevitably, some of the wives would begin complaining more and more about wanting to go home.

When some of the wives started to complain about not wanting to be there, this didn’t just annoy their own husband, it annoyed everyone there.

So, beginning four years prior to meeting John, he and his friends decided to rent a large hotel suite in order to watch the football game, without their wives complaining.  The whole point of renting the hotel room, which was rented by the most serious football watchers, the football coaches, the whole point was to be left alone to watch the game.

After about the first year, the wives couldn’t stand this, not being able to ruin the football game for their husbands.  So they would try to ask and find out what hotel room their husband was going to be at.  Then someone’s wife would show up at the hotel room to ruin the game.

Finally, just the football coaches would rent a hotel suite to watch the football game, and they would not tell anybody else where it was, absolutely not.  They couldn’t afford to invite anyone else, even their friends, because this always caused someone’s wife to show up.  They might have even had to go to a neighboring town, so that no one’s wife could go looking for their truck in the hotel parking lots.

I will end this blog post with a joke:  “Why do married women close their eyes when they are having sex?……………Because they can’t stand to see their husbands having a good time.”