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A Russian Woman Explains What Russian Women Want From Men

Ever since people in the United States gained internet access via their home computers in the 1990s, I heard about and read about American men seeking “Mail Order Brides”.

It was appealing to American men, to be able to pick out a Russian woman or an Asian woman who was physically attractive, who they believed would be more appreciative and grateful for what they had to offer.

For a while, it did appear that men who were not very desirable to American women because of their looks and personality, could get a very nice Russian or Asian bride, who did not object to their looks, personality, or other flaws, but instead chose to appreciate other qualities that they had, such as being faithful, attentive, sober, educated, or professionally successful.

It had been a joke, but it turned out to be true, that Russian women and Asian women would be good wives so long as they didn’t have any contact with American women.  Should a Russian wife or Asian wife ever get a job outside of the home, their American women co-workers would immediately set out to “set these women straight”.  Informing them that they didn’t have to go home right after work, they didn’t have to cook dinner for their husband, they didn’t have to keep house, they didn’t have to listen to their husband, they could divorce their husband and find a much better looking guy.

Whether you have a Russian, Ukranian, Serbian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Phillipino, or South American wife, it is only a matter of time before she reads enough magazines, watches enough television, or talks to enough American women before she becomes ruined.  It is not enough to have a place to live, a vehicle, clothes to wear, and food to eat in order to be happy.  Inevitably, you will hear, “I want Lexus”, “I want Mercedes”, “I want new house”, “I want divorce”.

I had always assumed that foreign women wanted to get out of poor living conditions so badly, that they were willing to marry American men, just to get out of their current situation.  Once they were safely out of their poor living conditions, living in the United States, and married to an American, then it was time to launch the remainder of their scheme.

The remainder of their scheme could involve changing their husband, improving their husband, dominating their husband, killing their husband, causing their husband to divorce them, or asking for a divorce.  Who knows what they were thinking.

Here is a video from a Russian woman, explaining what Russian women want:

I was fooled by this video, she had me fooled, until I read the comments that viewers left to this YouTube video.

It wasn’t that she was fearful of “men sitting on the sofa” and not doing anything, she wanted men to work so that she could be the one sitting on the sofa.

People who have first hand experience with Russian and Ukranian women in Europe, wrote that they are notorious for trying to be slave drivers with their husbands and men.

I finally had the answer to why Russian, Ukranian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Phillipino, and South American men did not complain or object to their attractive women leaving and going to the United States.  It was because they wanted to be left the fuck alone.