I Finally Heard Enough About Single Mothers

This winter in North Dakota I have been staying inside and watching a lot of YouTube videos for entertainment.  Some of my favorite YouTubers are Hammerhand, Terrence Popp, and occasionally Prepper Princess.

Hammerhand tells a few stories from his childhood, but mostly he talks about his current situation battling his ex-wife over child support and child custody.  Terrence Popp tells stories from throughout his life, including his childhood, military career, and divorce from his ex-wife.  Prepper Princess usually ends up talking about her mother, how she was raised, and how she inherited her home which she is now selling for $720K.

I have heard Hammerhand talk about how his mother was single, and how he and his brother grew up poor.  I have heard Terrence Popp talk about how his mother was single, and how he and his sister grew up poor.  And today, Prepper Princess was going on and on about how poor she was growing up with a single mom.

I really had enough of hearing how poor Prepper Princess was growing up, and the context of it, her mother was single and she didn’t make enough money to provide food, clothing, heat, or any recreational activities for her family.

A little from Hammerhand, a little from Terrence Popp, and a lot from Prepper Princess, I get the impression that they feel that they are worthy of some sympathy for how they grew up.  A little from Hammerhand, a little from Terrence Popp, and a lot from Prepper Princess, it’s like they feel that everyone else is responsible for how they grew up, and that their mother is blameless.

A person who was my best friend for about twenty years, Doug, his mother left his father when he was about five years old, and his little brother was three years old.  I listened to Doug re-tell about the landlord coming to collect the rent and they didn’t have it, having nothing to eat but eggs sometimes, not being able to play sports in school because his mother wouldn’t pay for it, and his grandfather coming to live with them in order to help out.

My friend Doug, he had anger and resentment towards his classmates in school, towards other kids in the neighborhood, towards his relatives, anyone who had both a mom and a dad, and a normal life with birthday parties, presents for Christmas, family cook outs, and family vacations.  These other people had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Doug’s mother left her husband, and that she didn’t make enough money to provide hardly anything for Doug and his brother.

In response to Prepper Princess’s YouTube video today, most of the commentors were talking about how poor they were growing up, how they had a single mom, and how they had seven or nine brothers and sisters.  I had enough, I got sick of hearing it, I couldn’t believe it.  Why the fuck did your stupid bitch mother have seven to nine children and she couldn’t support them?  Why the fuck is this everyone else’s fault that you grew up poor and not your mother’s fault?

Prepper Princess and her commentors talking about having only one tomato and one onion in the refrigerator to eat, only having one meal per day that they got in school as free lunch, getting spoiled food from the food bank, being cold and not being able to turn on the heat, the fact that you were miserable and had a fucked up childhood is not heroic, commendable, or admirable, and it was not other people’s fault, it was solely your mother’s fault.

3 thoughts on “I Finally Heard Enough About Single Mothers

  1. I knew Terrence Popp from the neighborhood and school in Berkley Michigan. Lots of self pity and whining. He has never taken responsibility for his poor work history, failed marriage, broken relationships with family members or hatred towards many others. He has not been a good example of a father to his daughters.


    1. Randy,

      I do not like your comment and statements about Terrence Popp. You are putting him down so bad, you sound like his ex-wife, his sister, or one of his daughters, partly because you are disparaging him, and partly because you do not give him the credit, and the respect that he is due.

      In at least one of Terrence Popp’s videos, he explains that he did not do well in school academically. In at least one of Terrance Popp’s videos, he explains that he was not tall, not large in size, and that he struggled and tried as hard as he could just to stay on the high school football team. When an Army recruiter came to his high school, the Army Captain told him that he was not officer material, and that he was not even Army material.

      When Terrance Popp graduated from high school and enlisted in the Army, that was a very commendable, responsible, and honorable thing to do. If that is the only thing that Terrance Popp did in his life, this would still be something to be proud of, and worthy of other people’s respect. Being in the military is a sacrifice, it is difficult, unpleasant, dangerous, and it defends and protects the U.S. in a way that no other citizen does. It is very common for women to be so stupid, so ignorant, so self-centered, that they can’t give credit and respect to someone who served in the military.

      Once Terrence Popp made it through Army basic training, and he was able to meet the performance standards to go to Army Ranger school, that is a very high accomplishment for a man.

      As Terrence Popp explained, nearly 10,000 Army personnel apply to Army Green Beret school each year. Of these 10,000 people, only 700 meet the performance standards to be admitted to the Army Green Beret training program. Of the 700 people who begin the program, only 30-40 complete this grueling program, and become a Green Beret.

      It is most often women, who are so stupid, so ignorant, so shit-for-brains, so selfish and self-centered, that they can’t and won’t acknowledge the extraordinary hard work, dedication, and accomplishment of a man having become a Green Beret. A human being has got something seriously wrong with them if they can not acknowledge the honor and the hard work of a young man enlisting in the military, completing Army Ranger School, and completing Green Beret School. We rely on these people to go to war for the United States and complete their missions.

      Terrence did well in the military, eventually becoming a Master Sergeant. He was helpful to the soldiers under him, around him, and to his commanders.

      Out of the Army, Terrence did well as a bank mortgage loan officer, he was ethical and honest. When Terrence started his own mortgage lending company, he did well financially, and he provided well for his wife and his daughters.

      When Terrance was on active-duty, he allowed his sister to stay in his home, and she was very ungrateful to Terrence. Terrence’s sister later told Terrence that he could not come to her wedding.

      Out of spite, hatred, jealousy, wickedness, and evil, Terrence’s mother, wife, sister, and his daughters all back-stabbed Terrence. These women did the exact opposite of honor, respect, and appreciate Terrance for his accomplishments, military service, and the assistance and support that he provided to each of them.


    2. RANDY
      In regard to Terrence Popp. Actions speak louder than words. here is a list of what he has acomplished in his meager time on this planet
      Infantry Soldier- Airborne ranger from B CO 2/75– then a Green Beret.–
      intel analyst, Civil Affairs SGT- He led men in battle, from the front, and by example, and in his time he saved many men from death while risking his own life and career– He has been tracking all the men who have come forward to credit him with saving there lives from suicide, he runs redonkulas.com and does comedy on the internet. That number at my last count was north of 450 men. He has written several books, graduated college, and was successful in business dealing. He also wrote a book on philosophy that has helped countless people over the years. Terrence saw 3 wars come and go and was almost killed in 2 of these wars. If I was almost killed one time I would quit, but not Terrence. In fact, I have been doing research on this man and I can say this, he has never quit anything EVER. Whiners don’t do that, whiners quit. He got divorced because he was wounded in Iraq in 2004. His wife murdered his dog, stole his children, and had many affairs. Did that make him quit, close but no cigar? He drove over 500 miles one way, 2 times a month for over 5.5 years. and to do this he starved, sold plasma, and drove several cars into the ground. He pissed off several chains of command all the way up to DOD to make that happen. I am not a service member but have been watching his videos for almost 6 years now. History will judge this man as extremely exceptional and few will ever match his accomplishment it is a shame it probably won’t be until after he has died.

      He once said on camera a few years ago his one wish. “On my last day on earth and the day I enter Valhalla, I hope I am met with one single word by the guards and that word is Magnificent”


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