The Downfall Of The Oil Industry Beginning In 2024

Since 2011, I have traveled to North Dakota, Utah, and Texas to work in the oil field.  I have spent about seven years working in North Dakota.  For the towns of Williston, New Town, Watford City, and Dickinson, the oil boom that occurred from 2007 through 2014, completely changed everything.  These towns that I named, they doubled and then tripled in population in just a few years time.

Since 2015, after the price of oil had dropped from over $100 per barrel down to $40 per barrel, the oil companies began to slow down on drilling new wells in North Dakota.  As the price of oil continued to remain low through 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018, all oil field operations began to gradually decrease, accompanied by oil company layoffs, oil field service company layoffs, and an economic down turn in the oil field towns.

The reason why there was an oil boom in the first place, was because the high price of oil occurred just when horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing were proving to be successful in places like North Dakota.  It was known that there were very large underground oil formations in North Dakota, like the Bakken and the Three Forks, but prior to horizontal drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and high oil prices, the North Dakota oil was not profitable to produce.

In my previous blog post, I explained that I believed that Donald Trump would probably be re-elected in 2020 and serve as president through 2024.  However, due to the trend of the changing demographics in the U.S., where each of the cities in every state are becoming more and more populous, with most of these city dwellers voting Democrat, by 2024 the rural living conservatives will be out numbered and out voted in almost every state.  In 2024, the presidency and one or both houses of Congress will be Democrat controlled.

Many elected Democrat leaders and Democrat voters have seen the coal, natural gas, and oil industries as enemies of the people.  The use of these fuels has polluted the environment with carbon dioxide and other chemicals; the mining of coal has destroyed the landscape and habitat for animals;  the mining of coal and drilling for oil has caused the contamination of water and oceans;  the transport of oil by tanker ships, rail, trucks, and pipelines has led to oil spills.

When Democrats are in power, they will attack the energy industries.  The EPA will be expanded.  Environmental activists and protesters will be given every opportunity to influence change, by being appointed to the presidential cabinet, and being appointed to leadership positions in every government department, bureau, and agency.  The energy industries will be fought over everything they are doing, and everything that they try to do.

If energy prices rise significantly due to the struggle of these private energy corporations against an uncooperative and combative government, the Democrats will use this opportunity to paint these private energy corporations as villains in the eyes of the people.

The Democrats are different.  I will try to explain why in recent years the Democrats have begun to publicly espouse socialist and communist beliefs.  But my point in attempting to explain why the Democrats have come to believe in socialism and communism, is to show that the Democrats would in fact like to have the government take control of all the private energy corporations, and for the government to claim ownership of all energy resources.

The people who keep continuing to move to the cities in every state, by moving to these crowded cities, they are giving up freedom, peace, and privacy, and instead are accepting to live in a single small cell, stacked in the center of hundreds of other cells occupied by other people, being at the mercy of others for every single thing in their life: air, water, electricity, plumbing, garbage disposal, food, education, healthcare, employment.

The people who keep moving to the cities in every state, they may be primarily seeking employment opportunity.  This employment opportunity includes not only jobs, but possibly education, job training, job placement, unemployment benefits, electronic benefit cards for food, subsidized housing, subsidized daycare for children, immediate access to healthcare without request for payment.

What it comes down to, is that most of the people who move to the cities, they would gladly accept everything being provided for them by someone else, such as the government:  employment, job training, job placement, unemployment compensation, social security disability, healthcare, education, housing, housing subsidy, electronic benefit cards for food, food subsidy, child daycare, child daycare subsidy.  When everything is allotted, controlled, and provided by the government, this is socialism and communism.  This is why the city dwellers vote Democrat, this is why the Democrats are now socialists and communists.

With the Democrats being socialist and communists, and with the Democrats making up the majority of voters by 2024, the new Democrat controlled government will begin the process of assuming control of all energy production, distribution, transportation, and all energy resources.  This will be the beginning of the end of private oil companies in the U.S.

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