The Escape Of Sierra Smebakken From Dickinson, North Dakota

The first time that I became aware of Sierra Smebakken, was back in 2014-2015 when I was looking on Facebook to see if there were any attractive women in Dickinson, North Dakota.  There certainly were no attractive women in Dickinson on internet dating sites like, or out in public in the evening when I got off work.

On Facebook, once you found one attractive young lady, if you looked at her “Friends”, you would usually see more attractive young women, and looking at these attractive young women and their “Friends”, you could keep on sightseeing.  This is probably how I happened upon Sierra Smebakken’s Facebook profile.

Her name stuck out to me.  If you were in North Dakota, you would know that the oil boom that lasted from  2007 through 2014 was due to a vast, deep underground oil reserve called the “Bakken Formation”.  Poor girl, she just missed being a “Bakken”.

What also caused Sierra Smebakken to stick in my mind, was that she was thin, attractive, long-legged, scantily dressed, and standing on a balcony in Miami in her Facebook photographs.  Unlike most women in Dickinson, she was far from the hideous no-neck monsters that we have here.

How could the Ukrainian immigrants who settled the Dickinson area have such ugly offspring, when Ukrainian women are typically not ugly?  Just go look at the website, where most of the escorts are Russian/Ukrainian, and you will see how beautiful these women are, and there are so many of them that they are common.

I have begun to believe, that the forbearers of the people in Dickinson, were offspring of the female Yeti that was captured in southern Russia in the 1850s named “Zana”, who human men mated with.  Zana’s offspring, according to their description, look and act like the people in Dickinson.  Here is one scientific article on this subject

Not wanting to be trapped and mated with the local ape people in Dickinson, Sierra made her escape to Miami, and I don’t blame her.  Below is a short biography of Sierra:

Sierra Drew Smebakken was born in 1993 to Darrell and Rosemary Smebakken.  Her mother, Rosemary, owns and operates a small restaurant in Dickinson called “Country Rose Cafe”, where Sierra was sometimes forced to work as a waitress.

Sierra graduated from Dickinson High School in 2011.  In the Fall of 2011 she began attending Dickinson State University.  She later transferred to Iowa Western to study Fashion Marketing & Merchandising from 2011 through 2014.

In 2016 Sierra Smebakken began receiving international publicity when she was seen several times, sitting first row with her boyfriend, multi-millionaire Dennis Leebow at Cleveland Cavaliers NBA basketball games.  Dennis Leebow founded a steel processing company in 1979, Majestic Steel, in Cleveland.

In the entertainment industry, there is a saying, “All publicity is good publicity”, and Sierra certainly did get a tremendous amount of publicity all of a sudden.  Her boyfriend, Dennis Leebow, a multi-millionaire, is 68-70 years old, although he does look younger than this.  Dennis Leebow has gotten attention for wearing furs and acting very visible while front row at NBA games, and allegedly having as many as twelve young girlfriends, at the same time.

What Sierra did, can be a lesson for other young women, if they don’t already know what I am going to explain.  Many attractive young women become “Instagram Models”, meaning, they create an Instagram account and begin uploading photographs of themselves “modeling”.

Believe it or not, many of these young attractive women “Instagram Models” don’t plan on or expect to be successful fashion models, because they know that they are not tall enough, thin enough, or distinct looking.  However, they do know that they are hot enough for successful men to want to date them.

Young women move to Miami, Atlanta, Austin, Nashville, New York, Phoenix, Los Angeles, or Dubai, places where there are plenty of millionaires, celebrities, professional athletes, and become “Instagram Models”, making sure to show their location and contact information.

If these “Instagram Models” are contacted by some man claiming to be a millionaire, celebrity, or professional athlete, they can look them up on the internet, and then decide if they want to accept their invitation to meet.

If you want to see photographs of Sierra, here is a link to many of her photographs provided by Google

2 thoughts on “The Escape Of Sierra Smebakken From Dickinson, North Dakota

  1. Local apes in dickinson your referring to are niggers and I jus got done planting my seed in some nigga pussy Gots ta breed them bitches right plant white seed and break the ape cycle


    1. J,
      I disagree, Black men need to impregnate as many of these ugly, short, no-neck, cankle-calf, ham-fisted, battle-axe, mean women in Dickinson, to create offspring that are taller, more athletic, healthier, and happier.


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