The Joy Of Seeing More People Get What Is Coming To Them In Dickinson, North Dakota

I don’t like living in Dickinson, North Dakota.  There is no where to go, nothing to do, a scarcity of attractive women, terrible drug crime, and I can’t even drive to work without getting stopped by the Police.  I am sick, miserable, and angry most of the time, way more so than what my blog posts indicate.

The only joy and happiness that I get, is seeing these mother fuckers in Dickinson get what is coming to them.  I want to share my latest happy news.

The company that I am employed with, has performed work at a large industrial site outside of Dickinson for approximately the past six years.  During some of these past six years, we have sometimes been the only contractor on this site.

In July of 2018, the owner of this industrial site informed us that work at this site was going to pick up significantly, to watch for other contractors and owner’s representatives arriving on site.  In late July I saw an older man ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle onto this site, and I stopped him to ask him who he was.  He introduced himself as “Henry”, and he identified himself as the site owner’s representative, and the project manager for this site.  ( I am not using this person’s real name.)

I informed my co-workers and the owner of the company that I worked for, that the project manager of the site owner, “Henry”, was now on site.  Henry had some directives to pass along to us, such as we were not going to be permitted to use the on-site office trailer that we had been using for the past several years, and other miscellaneous instructions.

There was a problem, the owner of the company that I worked for, he was not getting the same information from owner of this industrial site, that I was getting from Henry, who had told me that he was the owner’s representative and the project manager of this site.

At the very last minute, my co-worker and I found out that there was a new general contractor coming onto this site to take over all operations, and that this new general contractor had let out for bid, the work that our company had been performing at this site for the past six years.

It turned out, that Henry was not really this site owner’s representative, nor was he the project manager of this site.  I don’t know if it was Henry’s ego, or if he believed that he would somehow benefit from trying to lead us to believe that he was the project manager, with more authority and importance than he actually had.  Because my co-worker and I believed that Henry was the owner’s representative and project manager, we were relying on him to tell us what we needed to know, however he did not tell us the most important thing, that the work we performing was being let out for bid.

The owner of our company was able to provide a proposal to the new general contractor of this site at the last minute, and we were awarded the work over other companies that had already been asked to provide proposals.  However, I believed that Henry, through his charade, had almost cost us the contract and our jobs.  Or, maybe he was deliberately trying to sabotage us?

Henry continued to work at this site in an administrative capacity, without very much authority.  I found out that Henry actually worked for a personnel company, he was not even an employee of the site owner.  Henry did not seem to contribute anything, supervise anything, offer his opinion, have any input in the work, or do very much work.  He seemed to try to keep out of the way, and perform some clerical duties.

One day when I was not at this job site, a certain employee received a set of four tires on a shipping pallet at this site for his personal vehicle.  My co-workers were shocked, because this was insane.  I will explain why.

Once the new general contractor took over this site, this site became very busy and crowded.  Some very strict procedures and rules were established to minimize the risk of accidents.  Only employees were allowed on site, and they were only allowed to move around on the site after they had gone through orientation.  When a crane was lifting something, all vehicles and personnel in the area had to stop and not proceed until the crane lifting operation was completed.

When any delivery came to this site, the delivery had to be stopped and held at the site entrance.  An escort vehicle had to be called, a laborer/spotter/flagger had to be called, a telehandler operator had to be called, a supervisor had to come out and inspect the delivery, and a safety person or two would come out to watch all of this.  Crane lifting operations had to cease while the delivery was unloaded.

Can you imagine an escort vehicle, laborer/spotter/flagger, telehandler operator, supervisor, and a couple of safety people being taken from what they were doing, crane lifting operations ceased, to unload a delivery, and it turns out to be four truck tires on a shipping pallet for some site worker’s personal vehicle?

The next time that this happened, I wouldn’t let the truck driver come onto this site when I found out that all he had was a Jeep bumper on a shipping pallet.  I said that we are not going through all of this for something that has nothing to do with this site, we are unloading this Jeep bumper right here, and the truck driver agreed, as he didn’t want to go through all of this either.

A laborer/spotter/flagger, telehandler operator, supervisor, and two safety people came over to get in on this delivery and ask why I wasn’t letting it on site.  I explained that it was a personal delivery of a Jeep bumper, that had nothing to do with this site, and that we weren’t taking five people to do this.

This turned into a dispute of sorts, as the truck driver and I placed the shipping pallet on the ground at the site entrance.  A couple of the people present had the opinion, let’s treat all deliveries the same way, just as if they were delivery of site equipment.  I disagreed.

At this time, “Henry” emerged from the office trailer, and he announced, “Me and my people, we have all got JC Whitney catalogues on our desks, we are going to continue to order parts, and we all have more parts coming.”

I got into trouble for the angry argument that I instigated, insisting that we are not going to treat personal deliveries of miscellaneous items, as if they were site equipment, taking five people, and ceasing crane lifting operations, to unload a set of four tires or a Jeep bumper.  Why are you even allowing site personnel to do this, this is wasting everyone’s time?

About one month later, “Henry” and all of his people with JC Whitney catalogues, they were all let go from this site on the same day.  Henry was telling everyone that he was being reassigned to Arkansas.

Yesterday, I looked Henry up on the internet, and I saw his LinkedIn resume.  He has been unemployed for the past ten months, ever since he got let go from this site.  Good, fuck him, he got what was coming to him, stupid fucker.

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