Nice Looking Older Woman Spotted In Runnings Farm & Fleet In Dickinson

For the past several days I have been looking for hardware for something that I am building.  I have been to Menards many times, Bosch Lumber, Ace Hardware, and Mac’s Tools, but I still haven’t been able to find a couple of parts that I need.

I had given up searching anymore for hardware late this morning, and I turned into Wendy’s Hamburgers to get something to eat, when I realized that Runnings Farm & Fleet next door might have some of the things that I needed.

After I got some food to-go at Wendy’s, I drove over to Runnings.  When I entered Runnings, standing at the service counter there was a nice looking older woman customer.  I was kind of giggling to myself, because she was good looking, and old, just as old or a few years older than me.  It was funny to me, because she was still hot, and this was still causing her problems I imagine.

She had shoulder length gray hair, and she was wearing black frame eyeglasses.  She was tall, as tall as me, or maybe an inch or two taller than me I thought.  She was thin, but not too thin, and she had very good posture, she was standing very straight.

She was wearing very nice looking light color blue jeans that fit her very well, not at all tight, but more like very well fitting slacks.  I could tell that she had a very nice ass, not too big, not too small, not too hard, not too soft, just right.  She had nice long athletic legs, like she was a jogger and vigorous hiker.  Not any fat on her anywhere at all.

Soon she turned in my direction briefly for some reason, she may have even had to move in my direction, I got a better look at her, and her face matched the rest of her.  From her overall appearance, and every detail about her, it appeared that she had had good health her entire life, she had taken care of herself her entire life.  I didn’t think that she came from North Dakota, not the way she looked.  I thought that she was probably educated, intelligent, sharp, and perceptive.

Of all the people in the store, she seemed to immediately sense that I was paying attention to her, though I continued walking away from her in search of hardware.  I had a strong belief that this was Suzanne, a woman who used to comment to my blog posts, because everything about her fit everything that I knew about Suzanne.

I wanted to ask her, I wanted to ask her, but I feared that this woman would pitch a fit and make a scene if I asked her.  Further back in the store, we crossed paths again, and I so wanted to ask her.

After I had spent some time looking and not finding what I came for, I spent another five minutes trying to find the primer that I wanted, paint brushes, and mixing cups.  When I was ready to leave, I intersected with this woman again.  I said to her, “Excuse me, is your name Suzanne Xxxxxx?”.  She replied “No”, so I said “Ooops, sorry.”

I believe that this woman probably thought that I was somehow trying to make a feeble attempt to talk to her, to chat her up, which I was not.  When I got to the check out area, it looked like only register number 8 was open, where this woman was standing, so I tried to find another register to use, register number 1 was where I headed.

When I  left the store, I don’t know where this woman went, I didn’t see her, she probably took off as quickly as she could, though I was curious to see what kind of vehicle she had.

I sat in my truck eating french fries from Wendy’s and drinking my drink for a few minutes, when I saw a large new, navy-blue color, four-door, four-wheel-drive, Dodge 3500 diesel pick-up truck towing a twenty foot long flat bed trailer appear from around the corner.  The nice looking older woman was driving this truck.

On the flat bed trailer were a row of 8″-10″ diameter, 10′ long posts, strapped down with two heavy-duty tie-downs.  These posts were way too big to be fence corner posts, the only thing that I could think they were for was horse or cattle coral posts.  That Dodge truck was way too nice to be a farm truck, it was about a $70,000 truck.  I thought that she must live on a horse or cattle ranch.  Either a very large cattle ranch, or a hobby ranch.

I was curious to know who this woman belonged to.  I already described all the ways that she was attractive, and that she didn’t look like she was from here.  How far away was the ranch where she came from?  Just outside of Dickinson, where I wondered?

In any case, I was glad that I was not the one that was going to have to put those great big huge coral posts in the ground, one of those things probably weighed more than me.  It would nearly kill me putting those posts in the ground, and I was then glad that I had not made her acquaintance, if this is what she had in mind for me.

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