Women Explained Using A Jeep Wrangler

For this explanation of women, let us take for example, a young man who is 24 years old, who has been employed as a City Police Officer for one year.  All through elementary school, through middle school, high school, and college, he has dreamed about owning a Jeep Wrangler.

You can take a Jeep Wrangler camping, hunting, off-roading, to the beach, and take it fishing, you can even tow a boat behind it.  He has been wanting a red, four-door Jeep Wangler, for several years, and now that he is making $45,000 per year, he can afford to buy one.

He goes to the dealer to see about buying a new red, four-door Jeep Wrangler, and he sits down with a sales person, who collects his information to determine if he can afford the cost and payments on this vehicle.  The sales person tells him, that with a $10,000 down payment, the monthly payments will be about $700 per month.  But that’s not the only cost.

The sales person asks this young Police Officer, what he plans on doing with this Jeep Wrangler.  He replies, I plan on taking it camping, hunting, off-roading, to the beach, fishing, and tow a boat with it when I buy a boat.  The sales person says, that he has to explain a few things:

Salesperson:  Let me explain, that during the first year of ownership, this Jeep Wrangler may go camping, hunting, off-roading, to the beach, and fishing, but after the first year, very few Jeep Wranglers want to do this anymore, they just would rather stay home, go to the shopping mall, or go out to dinner.

Police Officer:  What, what do you mean?  All my life, I have seen pictures of Jeep Wranglers going camping, hunting, off-roading, to the beach, and fishing.

Salesperson:  Some do, most don’t.  About 90% of Jeep Wranglers, once you have owned them for a year, they don’t want to do outdoor activities.  They don’t like getting dirty, they don’t like the insects and animals, they get too hot or too cold, they get frightened, lonely, and bored.  They just don’t like it.

Police Officer:  I’ll make it go where I want it to go.  Why would I pay all that money, and not get to do the things that I want with it, or use it for what I planned on using it for?

Salesperson:  Whoa, hold on there.  If you get one of these Jeep Wranglers mad at you, they can file a restraining order against, assault charges, or abuse charges.  One of these Jeep Wranglers could cause you to be suspended from your job, lose your job, and never be able to work as a Police Officer again.

Police Officer:  What!?

Salesperson:  That’s not all, you could end up paying $700 per month, for the next eighteen years.  Lose your house, lose your job, and not be able to even drive your Jeep Wrangler anywhere, ever.  And it could get big and fat like that full size Dodge van sitting over there.

Police Officer:  Let me get this straight, if I pay $10,000 down, and $700 per month, this Jeep Wrangler is going to refuse to go camping, hunting, off-roading, to the beach, fishing, it could get a restraining order against me, cause me to lose my job, force me to pay $700 per month for the next eighteen years, and get big and fat like that full size Dodge van sitting over there?

Salesperson:  That’s correct.  And there is no warranty.

Police Officer:  After learning all of this, there is no way that I want a Jeep Wrangler.  Who would want to have anything to do with a Jeep Wrangler?  I thought that they were fun, but after hearing this, they are just way, way more trouble than they are worth.

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