I Like Emma Gower Too

About a year ago, Facebook included in my list of “People You May Know”, a young lady named Maddie Gower in Pennsylvania.  I looked at Maddie Gower’s Facebook profile, and she had many very good photographs of herself, where she looked very beautiful.  Eventually, a month or so later, I wrote a blog post about her titled “The Beautiful Photographs Of Madeleine Rose Gower”.

Before I wrote this completely complimentary blog post about Maddie, the first blog post that I wrote about her titled “Maddie Gower And Heather Louise On Facebook”, was a shock to Maddie.  Among other things, she did not like that I pointed out that she had inadvertently disclosed enough personal information, that people could find where she lived.

At the time, friends of Maddie commented on her Facebook page, “Well, at least your sister is safe.”  I was vaguely aware that Maddie had a sister, who was about one year younger than her, named Emma.

To explain a little further, Maddie, her father, her mother Heather, and her younger sister Emma had all moved to Pennsylvania from Australia due to her father’s work, when Maddie and her younger sister Emma were in their early teens.

It appeared that Maddie and her younger sister Emma quickly assimilated into American youth culture, except for one thing.  The two of them could not stop using correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.  This made them even more attractive to me, it showed that they had guts and principles, that they wouldn’t just go along with anything.  I believe that they got this from their mother, Heather.

You should also understand, that Australia was originally a Penal Colony of Great Britain. In the 1800s, in order to colonize, settle, and cultivate Australia, the British government transported 160,000 men and women convicts to Australia.  After serving  some more time of their prison sentence in Australia, they were released to marry and settle the land.  Australia was dry, somewhat desolate, and very hard to farm or ranch.  Therefore, the survivors were tough people, both from having been convicts, and from having been able to make a go of it.

A very odd thing occurred, because of the transportation of a great many people to Australia without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, region, or background, there was a great diversity of people, genetics wise.  Men and women from completely different areas, backgrounds, regions, races, and ethnicities mated, in a way that normally would not have occurred in Europe, and they produced unusually and freakishly beautiful offspring.

Maddie and her sister Emma are unusually beautiful, because of the genetic diversity of their ancestors.  And, they also still have in them some of the defiance, independence, and fight from their ancestors, though it lies mostly under the surface, until you make them angry.

I have waited to write about Emma, though I have been wanting to write about her for over six months.  I believe that Emma takes after her father, and that she wishes to remain more private.  She will only post one picture of herself on Facebook at a time, but one picture of Emma is enough.

Emma is strikingly beautiful.  So beautiful, that I think that she probably has a difficult time in life.  I understand completely why she can only post one photograph of herself at a time on Facebook, she already suffers from too much unwanted attention probably.

Emma is someone, who when arriving somewhere, everyone will have to look, and end up staring too long.  I imagine that she is uncomfortable going to some places, like movie theaters, because there are just too many idle people, who would just stop what they were doing to look at her.

Everything that she does, and everywhere that she goes, she probably has to be very circumspect, to go when there will be the least people.  It is probably tiring, to want to go to a bakery, a coffee shop, or a book store, and have to hurry in, and hurry out, in order to not receive too much unwanted attention.

Emma’s appearance and mood, reminds me of a Siamese cat, with her prominent cheek bones, gaze, inwardness, and solitariness.

I get the strong impression, that Emma always gets just one thing:  one brownie, one book, one bagel, one drink.  And, just one boy.  She will look and look, and wait, and when she sees him, that is the one that she will pick.

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