Nika Banana, She Is Everything You Said You Wanted

During the past three months, I have watched some YouTube videos made by a woman in her late twenties, who is currently using the name “Nika Banana”.  Not long ago, she made YouTube videos using the name “Nika Vegan”, but YouTube censored these videos.

I like Nika, she is everything that men said they wanted.  She has a pretty face, pretty eyes, pretty hair, and a beautiful perfect feminine body.  She exercises every day, has hardly any body fat, is strong and in-shape.  She is full of energy, ready to go anywhere, and ready to do anything.  She is direct, says what is on her mind, and she means what she says.  Everything that she says and does, is based on logic and reasoning.

Nika was in the U.S. military overseas for at least four years.  She is a medical lab technician.  According to her, she saved much of her income while in the military, and once she left the military and began working in hospitals, she continued to save most of her income, because she spends very little money.  If you watch her videos, Nika has a plain apartment, and she does not buy, use, or wear expensive things.

So Nika is young, beautiful, healthy, strong, full of energy, direct, logical, self-supporting, non-materialistic, and….she really likes sex.  Isn’t this everything that men ever said they wanted in a woman?

In Nika’s YouTube videos, she talks about her daily routine, exercising, diet, and work.  She also talks about sex, and how much she likes having sex.  She answers viewers’ questions about herself, and about sex.

What men like about Nika at first, is that she is beautiful, direct, logical, open, not bashful, and truthful about her interest in sex, and her sexual experiences.  However, it appears that about 20% to 40% of men, soon begin to vilify, insult, and attack Nika for the very things that men said they always wanted in a woman.

My honest opinion and impression of Nika, is that if you were polite, decent, and respectful to Nika, got to know her, and you were in reasonable health and physical condition, if you asked Nika nicely, she would probably agree to have sex with you, just for the fun of having sex.  However, once Nika has explained her openness about sex, men then begin to insult her and attack her for this.

In most of the comment sections of Nika’s YouTube videos, some men will leave comments like, “This bitch is crazy”,  “What a whore”, “This girl has something wrong with her”, “You would be likely to catch a disease from her”, or worse things than this.

Even though Nika is strong, logical, and tough, these comments get to her.  She doesn’t understand why men want to attack her for being honest about what she likes, and her experiences.  I think that I understand these attacking comments better than she does.

Apparently, and this has been going on for a long time, some men can’t stand women expressing an interest and desire for sex.  Just think about the stoning of women in Biblical times, the Witch Trials during the colonization of New England, and currently the Honor Killings of women in Muslim countries.

The worst way to handle the sexuality of women, is to force them to hide it, or punish them for it.  This is what really causes problems in any society.  If you allow women to be open about their sexuality and express what they want, then you have a better chance of everyone getting along.

So some of the nasty, mean comments that Nika receives, are because some men can not handle women being open about and expressing their sexuality.

The other thing that is causing some men to write nasty, mean, insulting, belittling comments to Nika, is that some men are abusive.  Their intention may not be to disagree with Nika, or express a different belief, they just want to try to hurt her, and make her feel bad.

I wish that Nika would see, that most of what she is doing and saying, is everything that men ever said they wanted from women, and how absurd it is that once men got what they wanted, they began to insult her for it, and attack her for it.

Here is one of Nika’s YouTube videos:

4 thoughts on “Nika Banana, She Is Everything You Said You Wanted

  1. I’m former Navy n from Chitown myself. I think she would be a best friend a person could have. She definetely has it in the looks & intellect. Luv u Nika


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