Worrying About The Grass Growing

Yesterday, I visited with a friend of mine at his home outside of Dickinson.  He is about 60 years old.  His income is currently low, and I pay him rent to park a truck and a utility trailer on his property.  Not too long ago, I had paid rent to park this truck and utility trailer on a commercial property in downtown Dickinson closer to where I live, but the crime in downtown Dickinson is so bad and my truck got stolen.

I have visited this friend outside of Dickinson a couple of times in the past ten days.  Every time that I visit him, he is worried about his grass growing, mowing the lawn, it raining, and having to mow the lawn again.  He worries and complains before, during, and after he mows the lawn.  He worries about the grass, throughout the day, every day.

As far as this particular friend’s problems go, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most urgent and serious, the grass growing in his yard is less than a 1.  He has got all kinds of serious urgent problems, several of them being level 9 problems, but he worries about the grass, and not his level 9 problems.  This choice of focus and concern, is probably why he has several level 9 problems to begin with.

Today he called me to ask me to move my truck, because he said he wants to mow the grass.  This infuriated me, because where I had initially parked this truck, was somewhere he did not need to mow.  At that time, he came outside and asked me to move my truck ahead to a different spot, which now is some place that he does not want it to be.

I am so fucking tired of hearing people worry about their fucking grass growing.  Now, because I have to move my truck, and possibly hook up and move my utility trailer too, this grass problem is going to be my problem too, unless I move my shit back downtown where it will inevitably get stolen.

A couple of times this week, I talked to another friend of mine who is about 68 years old, and he is worried and concerned about his grass too.  He has a place in Arizona, a place in Wyoming, and a place in Dickinson.  He is scared to go anywhere, and he can’t leave one of his homes for very long, because there is a lawyer next door who writes him threatening letters about his grass getting too long.

Not only is this other friend worried, and concerned about his grass virtually every day, there is a lawyer who lives next door to him who is worried and concerned about his grass too, who threatens legal action if the grass gets too long.

What is it about grass?  When people get old, they start to worry all day long, day and night, every day, about the grass growing, leaves falling from a tree into the yard, leaves laying in a roof gutter, to the extent you would think that the grass and leaves were going to come alive and ass rape them or something, they are so fearful.

Things that you are forced to worry about in life, are the death, serious injury, or serious illness of yourself or a family member;  urgent financial problems such as the loss of employment which can lead to the loss of a home, apartment, vehicle and inability to pay for basic necessities;  serious legal or financial problems which can lead to incarceration.

What mental problems do you have going on in your mind, where you begin to worry about grass and leaves, like they were matters of life or death, instead of things that don’t fucking matter at all?

3 thoughts on “Worrying About The Grass Growing

  1. My grandfather in his early 70s is constantly worried about grass and leaves as well. He has a 2 acre home lot that is bordered by a thick tree row and he complains that it is too hard to ride his mower around the hundred or so tree trunks and that the leaves are too hard to rake out of the thick under brush. What gets me is that these areas are of no practical value and he doesn’t ever walk there or store anything in the trees. He also constantly worries that if he leaves his vehicles out of the garage too long that some rain drops might fall on them or something. I don’t get it.


    1. Rusty,
      It’s like people’s lives follow this feebleness/childishness curve, where they start out as an infant where they are confined to a room, then confined to the house as toddler, then confined to their yard as a child.

      In their adult life, they may be sent to Vietnam or Afghanistan where land mines, IEDs, and the enemy are trying to kill them every day, meanwhile their wife and kids back home are creating havoc, their wife is having an affair, their kid crashes their car, another of their kids is on drugs, the bank is threatening to foreclose on the house, and their parent dies. Yet they survive and cope with all these very serious problems.

      Then late in life, these same people are back to acting feeble and childish, standing out in their driveway with a garden hose trying to chase a single leaf down the driveway and getting upset about it, that the trees are going to drop more leaves, and they live in fear and dread of the trees dropping leaves in their yard.


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