Luke Simons’ Daughter Almost Got Killed By A Mountain Lion

I was looking at my Facebook home page this morning, Saturday May 19, and I saw a post from a local Dickinson person named Luke Simons.  Luke has five children, and one of them was nearly killed by a mountain lion this week.

Luke’s son Warren who is about 16 years old, and his daughter Shyann who is about 13 years old, were repairing a barbed wire fence in the badlands west of Dickinson.  The two of them split up to work separately.  Shyann walked up a hillside to a clump of trees, and there were two large mountain lions ten feet from where she stood.

One of the mountain lions jumped the fence and ran away.  The other mountain lion crouched down like a cat stalking a prey, getting ready to pounce, and it crept closer and closer to leap on Shyann, kill her, and eat her.  Why it didn’t, no one knows, it was going to.  Here is the video of Luke and his daughter, explaining what happened.

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