Very Entertaining YouTube Videos Of Piper Blush

I have lived in Dickinson, North Dakota for a little over five years now.  There is a shortage of women, and a scarcity of attractive women.  There are very few places to go, and very few things to do, so I mostly stay inside and look at things on the internet, especially YouTube videos.

When I click on the YouTube website, the YouTube site displays about forty different YouTube channels and videos that I might be interested in.  Most of these channels and videos are about Bigfoot, automobiles, exploring abandoned places, metal detecting, travelling, off-roading, and some social media personalities.

The social media personalities that I have been watching recently are VeeTwoEye, Stephi Lee, Victoria X Rave, and Poppy.  Yesterday, YouTube displayed a video from a young lady named Piper Blush.

Piper Blush’s video was kind of strange, but in a good way, as far as most men are concerned.  Piper is French, she has a very high pitch voice, she has a strange, almost idiotic manner of speaking, which makes her seem air headed.  Unfortunately, many man are turned on by large breasted, unaware, seemingly dumb girls.  I suppose this makes men feel like they would be able to seduce a girl like this.  It’s like hungry wolves spotting a defenseless sheep.

Piper is not stupid, she probably understands men, better than they understand themselves.  Piper has over 400,000 YouTube subscribers, and I am sure that most men watch her videos to the end.  The number of views that her videos get, the amount of time spent watching each of her videos, and the number of subscribers that she has, may result in YouTube paying her anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 per month, probably more toward the high side of this range.  ( After writing this, I read that her monthly YouTube payments may be as high as $27,000 per month.  Her YouTube videos have over 79 million views.)

I said that Piper Blush is French, but she is French-Canadian.  Part of the way that she speaks, is a slight parody or embellishment of how people in Quebec speak, where she lives.

Piper’s videos are about ordinary, everyday things, and people watch her videos primarily because Piper is attractive, happy, and funny.  Here is one of her videos:

I watched a second YouTube video of Piper, where she was washing off and asphalt driveway with a garden hose.  At the end of this video, she said that she was going to spray her tight, white T-shirt, but then she said “kidding”, and walked off.  This made me mad, because I wanted to see.  Like most men, I would like to see Piper naked.

For better or worse, I got my wish.  One of the commentors to her video, wrote that she has pornography videos on the website Pornhub.  I went and looked, and yes, she does.  I watched two of her pornography videos, and I felt bad for her, because you could say that “her partner was not up for it”.

Sometimes, when women shock you, it is unpleasant at first, because this could be something that you didn’t want from them or didn’t expect from them.  After feeling and thinking different things, I believe that most men conclude that everyone is better off, if people are able to show, and others are able to learn, what each other is like.

In Dickinson, North Dakota where I live, I believe that most people have to hide the way that they are.  There would be too many repercussions from friends, relatives, neighbors, and employers for people behaving too differently, such as attractive women getting too much attention for being friendly, dressing provocatively, or being too available for dating.  This is why there are no women like Piper Blush in Dickinson, they all move away.

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