The Model Of Women That I Learned Growing Up

What began my thinking towards writing this blog post, were two things that happened yesterday.  First, in the afternoon I went to a local business in Dickinson where the owner’s wife was working.  She is often in a bad mood, and not very friendly.  She can act this way if she wants to, I suppose, because she and her husband own this business.

Lately, I am often in bad mood myself, and I don’t feel well, I am just getting over pneumonia.  When I entered this business yesterday, the owner’s wife was in a particularly bad mood, looking and sounding unfriendly, and that is kind of an understatement.  I thought that maybe I should leave, and just never come back when she is working.  I didn’t want this to become a business that I can not use any longer, due to getting into an altercation with the owner’s wife.

I began to consider that there are other businesses in Dickinson that provide the same thing, so if it came to it, I could just go elsewhere, not the end of the world.  During the time that I was there, I noticed that there were not any other customers, and I could think of at least one reason why this was the case.

Readers of my blog posts have probably seen me write at least ten times, that I do not go out to bars and restaurants in Dickinson because the waitresses and women staff are unattractive, mean, and crazy, and the Police in Dickinson try as hard as they can to arrest people for DUI.  There is no where to go and nothing to do in Dickinson, and because of the Police trying to stop everyone, I just stay in my apartment.

About the only thing that I have to do, is look up things on the internet.  I have begun watching a lot of YouTube videos, whatever YouTube presents to me that looks interesting, I will watch it.  Yesterday I watched a video titled “Ah, Leah”, which is a music video that showed a compilation of women wearing bikinis.

I thought that this video was funny, because it reminded me of how things were living in Florida up until I was about 32 years old.  Though the women in the “Ah, Leah” video seem very attractive now, because I have been living in North Dakota for so long, these women in the video are just average women that you would see every day in Florida.

When I was growing up and going to school in Florida, in elementary, middle school, and high school, there were very few girls that were very unattractive, or very overweight.  It was a combination of genetics, environment, and culture.  It was relatively warm all year long, so most kids and adults were always doing activities outdoors.  People in the community where I lived, which was on the ocean and the intercoastal waterway, were fairly healthy and active.

Also, part of the culture in Florida, where it was warm all year, and people go to the ocean, rivers, and lakes throughout the year, women wanted to look nice in bathing suits.  Women wanted to look good to attract the attention of men, to be invited places, to be taken out, to date, and to possibly become married in the future.

Another reason why women wanted to look good, was because they wanted to be invited to socialize with other women.  Women naturally recognize the importance of networking, social networks, and the advantages of being accepted and liked by other women.  It may seem a mean thing to say, but I have noticed this to be true everywhere that I have ever been, women try to seek out attractive women to be friends with, because they see this as advantageous to them.

Women see and believe that the best looking women have access to the best looking men, the most successful men, the men with the best connections, the best employment opportunities, the most glamorous employment opportunities, offers for travel, offers to attend exclusive events and parties, and opportunities to meet and socialize with wealthy, influential people.  Women in Florida just looked at it as an all around good idea to stay in shape, and to look healthy and attractive.

When I was a kid, this was in the 1970s, many people went to the beach on the weekends or they went boating.  My mother did not like to go the beach so much when I was a kid, though when she was younger, before I was born, she liked to.  I think that this was primarily because my mother had gained weight in her 40s, and she did not feel comfortable being seen in a bathing suit by everyone.

My mother did like to go boating when I was young, so this is what we did on the weekends with other families.  Younger families usually started out boating with an eighteen foot ski boat, or multi purpose fishing boat.  On Saturday afternoon, the families would go out on the intercoastal river and travel several miles down the river to meet up at an island or a sand bar.

All of the families brought an ice chest or two, filled with soft drinks, beer, wine, snacks, and sandwiches.  The adults would park their beach chairs in several inches of water, and sit down to bullshit, catch up on news, unwind, and get drunk.

The kids could all run around like wild animals on the sand bars, screaming and yelling, because there was no where they could go, you could see them, and there wasn’t much that they could get hurt on.  On the islands, the kids would go exploring, especially if you told them that there were wild horses, or a hermit, or something.

There would typically be about thirty people parked at one spot on a sand bar or an island.  The group of friends and acquaintances, some of them had gone all the way through school together, sometimes even college.  They usually had social and business involvement together in the community.  Typically, someone would bring a new person with them, who was a friend, relative, co-worker, or business associate, who they thought would enjoy everything.

The group that my parents were friends with, and associated with for practically their entire lives, were real estate agents and brokers, insurance agents and company owners, appraisers, accountants, CPAs, attorneys, pilots, nurses, sales reps, contractors, business owners, and a few trades people.  I will go ahead and show the video now of the women in bikinis, because when I was a kid, this is how the women, wives, and mothers looked:

Yup, the real estate agents, insurance agents, accountants, school teachers, attorneys, sales reps, nurses, and wives looked like this at the beach and out boating when I was a kid in Florida in the 1970s.  I didn’t know that this was unusual, I just took it for granted.

When some women, wives, and mothers got to be in their late 30s or 40s, they didn’t want to go to the beach anymore, or boating anymore.  Their view on life completely changed.  They once loved the sun, the water, wearing hardly any clothes, and getting drunk on the weekends, but they changed completely.

I want to explain the departure in women, where some women kept right on going like they always had, and some women completely changed.

There were some women, especially real estate brokers and agency owners, who kept right on going like they always had, enjoying every weekend, partying, and having a good time, into their sixties.  Other women in their late 30s or 40s, they retreated into their homes, not coming outside, refusing to go anywhere, and preferring to stand at their kitchen counter trying to give orders to their children and husbands, seemingly trying to unnecessarily make everyone else unhappy, because they were unhappy.

When I was in my teens, and would go to the beach or boating, there were some women, wives, and mothers, who were in their 40s, who were still good looking, friendly, fun, and were nice to be around.  There were some married men who had taken up with unofficial younger girlfriends, some men who had become divorced who had younger girlfriends, and some men who had remarried to younger women.

In general, myself, my older sister, my father, my mother, and all of the men and women who continued to enjoy going to the beach, boating, sailing, and flying, we all completely understood why men who were married took up with younger girlfriends, or became divorced and took up with younger girlfriends, once their wife who was in her late 30s or 40s, refused to come outside or go anywhere, and instead wanted to spoil everyone’s good time.

I could say that I don’t know what happens, where you start out with a young 120 lb girlfriend or wife, who likes swimming in the ocean or river, water skiing, being wrestled with and thrown around in the waves while squealing with glee, wearing hardly any or no clothes, boating, sailing, sports cars, and motorcycles, and she later changes into someone who refuses to go anywhere and do anything, and instead wants to be nasty to everyone, glaring, sneering, scowling, trying to stare people down and start fights, but I suppose that I do know what happens.

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