Nutty Struggling Women Versus Stable Contented Women

When I was in my mid 30s, and working as a caregiver for terminally ill adults and later doing self employed contracting work, I noticed something strange about women.

Married women who had everything that they wanted, were often very welcoming and nice to me, whereas single women who were struggling, ran from me like they were frightened.

As a typical example, when I was hired by a housewife to do some work at her home, when I arrived on time in the morning, she was happy to see me.  She was happy to see my work truck with all of the ladders on its ladder rack, all of my tool boxes in the truck bed, and my large flat bed equipment trailer.

Though my work boots were scuffed, and my jeans had some paint marks on them, I was clean, not dirty, and I didn’t smell.  I didn’t play loud music, I didn’t yell, I didn’t use bad language, I didn’t bring anyone questionable with me, I didn’t have many people calling me on the telephone, or anyone stopping by.  The housewives were happy with my work, that I did what I said I was going to do, for the price that I said, and that I cleaned everything up when I was done.

The married women that I worked for, who had nice large homes, and vacation homes, they kept my phone number, and would call me from time to time.  They would also say hello to me when they saw me in town and in stores.

On the other hand, when I got done working for a nice housewife, and I went to the grocery store in my work truck, young single women would run from me and my truck like I was going to get them.  Inside the grocery store, when I was merely shopping for food, young single women would try to avoid me, because they were certain that I was going to do something to them that they wouldn’t like.

The difference in women’s behavior was so blatant, that I was interested to know what was going on in their minds.  After thinking about it for quite a while, it came down to the Chicken and the Egg question, which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Were the women who were polite, friendly, and welcoming to me, were they this way because they had everything that they wanted, or, or, did these women have everything that they wanted because they were polite, friendly, and welcoming with people?

I really started to believe, that the women who were polite, friendly, and welcoming with me, were probably like this for most of their lives.  When they were young, it wouldn’t be surprising that men would want a woman like this to be his wife, they were so pleasant and agreeable.  A woman like this, would probably have the interest of many men, and she would be able to choose the one that she thought would be the best or most successful.

Conversely, the single women who ran from me in parking lots because I drove a work truck and was wearing construction worker clothes, believing that I was going to rape them, or tried to avoid me while shopping because they believed that I was going to do something to them that they wouldn’t like, these women were quick to find fault with anyone, and they rubbed people the wrong way.

One type of woman sees a man, and she thinks of what he might be good at, what work that she might get him to do for her.  Another type of woman sees a man, and she thinks that he is going to follow her home, tie her up, and rape her.

One type of woman could get a boyfriend in five minutes by being friendly and positive, whereas some women can’t get a boyfriend in five years because they are so negative and fault finding.

But I think that there is a third aspect to all of this.  The married women that I worked for that had everything that they wanted, a large home, and a vacation home, who were very friendly with me, yes I can see why they were able to get a good husband, they were friendly, positive, and agreeable.  However, when I thought about it some more, they might be the reason why their husband was successful.  It wasn’t just that they were able to pick a husband that was most likely to be successful, they might have been one of the reasons why their husband was successful.

The friendly, welcoming, positive wives, they were encouraging, they had faith in you.  They were not negative, doubtful, or fault finding.  I wanted to do a good job for them, I wanted them to be pleased, I didn’t want to let them down.  I can imagine that their husbands felt the same way.

Can you imagine having a wife that was encouraging, supportive, positive, who believed in you, who didn’t say and do mean things to you?  Wouldn’t it be easier to go to work in the morning, wouldn’t you want to do better?

The single women, that think, talk, and act like every man that they encounter is dirty, bad, and has bad intentions towards them, they don’t care that they are creating a bad impression with men.  These women are often struggling in just about every aspect of their lives, not advancing in employment, not making much money, being forced to live in low rent housing, only being able to afford a cheap automobile, struggling financially, not being invited to participate socially, very few social contacts.  They don’t realize that their struggles originate with them finding fault with everyone else, particularly men, and that they are alienating most people, especially men.

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