Four Stories About Visitors Destroying Things

In my previous two blog posts, I showed videos of two different abandoned properties, where there was some vandalism, but not complete vandalism, at least no one had burned anything down yet.

I wanted to explain who and why do people destroy things.  What it comes down to is “deviance”, or abnormal socialization.  Yes, poor people, uneducated people, ignorant people, white trash, criminals, and drug addicts are more likely to be destructive, but other people have deviant behavior also.

I wanted to tell four stories about visitors destroying things, and then point out one commonality, that people can use to predict destructive behavior.

  • There was an old, wealthy real estate agent and insurance agency owner in the town where I grew up.  As a favor to a younger couple who did not have much money, he allowed them to stay at his cabin in the Ocala National Forest.  This cabin was grandfathered in, no new construction could take place in this area of the Ocala National Forest.  The young couple stayed in the cabin on Friday evening, Saturday, and part of Sunday.  The cabin burned down to the ground later on Sunday.

The cabin did not burn down by itself, this cabin had existed for eighty years, and now it was completely gone, and could not be rebuilt, that was it, no more construction was permitted in this part of the National Forest.  The young couple had left a fire burning in the fireplace, dumped ashes into a trash can, or threw a lit cigarette on the ground before they left.  All the young husband and wife did, was shrug their shoulders, after they destroyed this man’s cabin.

  • This same old, wealthy real estate agent and insurance agency owner, as a favor to another young couple who did not have much money, he allowed them to stay at his vacation home on Mosquito Lagoon.  The young couple stayed Friday evening, Saturday, and part of Sunday.  Later on Sunday, the smoker house caught on fire and burned down, which very nearly caught his vacation house on fire and destroyed this house too.

A smoker house has a concrete block or brick base, where you build a small wood fire.  The upper portion of the smoker house is made of plywood, and has metal mesh shelves, where you place meat or fish to be smoked.  Any idiot should know, that plywood burns, you don’t build a roaring fire with five or six foot flames inside of a smoker house.  The young couple who built a large fire inside the smoker house, and then left, almost causing the house to be destroyed, they just shrugged their shoulders.

  • In my late teens, I worked at a condominium resort on the beach and intercoastal river.  There was a problem with one of the condominium units.  The neighbors above, below, and on either side of this condominium unit began calling the management office complaining about a terrible smell.  The owner of this condominium unit, as a favor to a young couple who did not have much money, allowed them to stay in this condominium unit.

The young couple stayed Friday evening, Saturday, and part of Sunday.  The young man, being very wise, went to the electric panel, and turned the main breaker off right before they left the unit.  Never mind that the refrigerator freezer was full of shrimp and lobster, or that the refrigerator was full of food.  None of the condominium units were ever supposed to be left without the air conditioner on, because of the 100% humidity on the ocean, all of the curtains, sofas, beds, carpets, and walls would develop mold.  There was a tremendous amount of damage and clean up required in this unit, and all the young couple did was just shrug their shoulders.

  • When I had to leave my home in Idaho in 2011 to go to work in North Dakota, I allowed a friend of mine who did not have any money, to stay in my house while I was gone.  He got a cook out grill from a thrift store, but this grill was missing the bottom metal grate that would have gone over the bottom air vent holes.

He filled this cook out grill full of charcoal, and cooked some meat on it.  The charcoal briquettes burned to a smaller size, and fell through the vent holes on the bottom of the grill, setting the porch boards on fire.  I don’t know where he was, probably not around, because the charcoal briquettes burned completely through porch boards.

For some miraculous reason, the porch boards only burned so far, the fire did not make it all the way to the house, and completely burn my house down.  The friend of mine who did not have any money, he could not have cared less.

I told these four stories about people destroying property, to illustrate a common thing.  People who do not have very much themselves, do not own anything of value, have very little money in the bank, have no way to make very much money, no way to buy anything for themselves, and no way to pay for damage that they cause to other people’s property, Watch Out For These People!

There is a double or triple effect with these people.  They are too stupid, too unfocused, too irresponsible, or too lazy to be able to earn money and have any assets or own anything of value.  They are jealous or resentful that other people earn more than they do, or have more than they have.  The damage that they do, whether accidental or intentional, it really makes no difference with them because they don’t think or pay attention, they can’t or won’t be held accountable or responsible because they have no way to pay for what they destroy.

Yes, it is poor, uneducated, ignorant, white trash, criminal, drug addict people who destroy other people’s property, but it is also people who do not have anything themselves, who are jealous of others, who know that they can’t or won’t be held financially responsible who destroy other people’s property.

2 thoughts on “Four Stories About Visitors Destroying Things

  1. I really don’t think I could agree more. The same type of people TEND to vote for the Democrats/Leftists who reassure (or convince them first) that they are somehow victims and that they can’t possibly get on in life without help from the Dems (all hollow, just a ploy to enslave foolish people). Good blog post.


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