A Blog Post About A Woman, That I Should Probably Not Make

This is going to be the closest that I have come to not making a blog post, yet still go ahead and make it anyway.

I know that I need to start out with a bunch of warnings, and a few explanations.

I live in Dickinson, North Dakota, where there is a shortage of women, and a scarcity of attractive women.  On top of that, the Police in Dickinson try as hard as they can to stop and arrest people for DUI, or anything else that they can come up with.

There is nothing to do in Dickinson, and no reason for me to leave my apartment.  In fact, I am wary of even going to the grocery store or a fast food restaurant drive thru in Dickinson because I doubt that I can make it without the Police stopping me for something.

I am lonely, and I wish to converse with attractive women, like I used to do before I came to North Dakota.  One of the places where I have found women to look at and communicate with, is on their YouTube channels.  In the past, I have found interesting women on Facebook, but the women on Facebook are sometimes or often times not interested in meeting or hearing from strangers.  On YouTube, this is a different situation, the whole point of having a YouTube channel, is to have as many viewers and subscribers as possible, so receiving comments from viewers, is not unwelcome.

There are crazy, crazy women on YouTube.  It is often times hard to tell, if what they are saying is true or completely made up.  I could go on and on about the crazy, strange women on YouTube, there are probably a million of them, but I want to just write about one of them in this blog post.

I need to warn women readers now, that they are not going to like hearing about this particular woman, some readers may already know who she is, because they have seen or heard about her YouTube videos.  I had first seen her YouTube videos a couple of years ago, and I had only had a brief curiosity at that time.

This particular woman, appeared to be skirting the YouTube rules about uploading videos with nudity, by uploading videos of herself topless, nursing her infant son.  At first, because she seemed sincere about the benefits of nursing children, YouTube and the public, did not make much comment, except for the men that enjoyed the five to seven minute videos of her showing her bare breasts.

This woman, her name is Linzi, she was 29 years old, she was tan, thin, in shape, with long brown hair, and she was very attractive.  She was a hippie, a Vegan, and a health and fitness enthusiast.  She was very proud to be nursing her child, and she posted nearly a hundred videos of herself nursing on YouTube, sometimes not even wearing a shirt, and just a bikini bottom.  Linzi also began to express her belief in nudity.

As time went on, and years passed, with Linzi continuing to upload videos of herself nursing her son, women in the United States became more and more outraged.  Women in the United States, accused Linzi of being mentally ill, and they wanted to have some kind of intervention from Child Protective Services.  The problem was, that Linzi and her husband were living in Ecuador, where there is no Child Protective Services.

Once again, I need to warn the women readers, that they are not going to like what I am going to write about Linzi, so they might want to not read any further.  Perhaps to seek attention, perhaps because she is an exhibitionist, or because of her sexual desire, Linzi began to post more and more YouTube videos that were of a sexual or erotic nature, but YouTube kind of let this pass, because Linzi was proposing that everything that she was showing had a health benefit to it.

Linzi began making videos discussing her breasts, her vagina, her anus, nudity, sex, and masturbation, usually while wearing very little clothing.  Sometimes, Linzi would make cooking videos where she was completely nude, with just a small food bowl hiding her bare pubic area.  By this time, many men loved Linzi’s videos, while at the same time women thought that Linzi was crazy.

When I recently went through almost all of Linzi’s YouTube videos, I had always suspected that Linzi was very interested in nudity and sex, and it was the case that Linzi’s videos over time became more and more sexual in nature.

By the time that Linzi was 34 years old, she was very openly expressing her sexual desires and habits in her YouTube videos.  Linzi was still thin, tan, in shape, with long brown hair, still very attractive.  Her husband had left her, for a younger Ecuadoran woman, and he told Linzi as he was leaving, “that her vagina was too big and stretched out”.  This really hurt Linzi’s feelings.

I am again warning women readers, to quit reading, because this only gets worse.  As perverted as Linzi was, I could relate to her and her situation, because I had a girlfriend exactly like her, who was 34 years old, when I was 24 years old.  This girlfriend that I had, who was very thin and in shape, who looked and acted a lot like Linzi, was very horny, she was always masturbating, she had desensitized herself because she had masturbated so much, and to make matters worse, she had a huge vagina.

I felt sorry for Linzi, and I could relate to her and her situation.  Linzi was from Arkansas and Oklahoma, she had a sweet voice, a southern accent, and a gentle manner.  She often modeled clothes in her videos, where she looked like a nice librarian, school teacher, or housewife.  No one could have guessed how horny she was, and what a sex fiend she was.

How can I say that about her?  Because one of her viewers gave the internet link where you could find Linzi’s pornography videos.  After her husband left, Linzi needed to make money somehow, so she began making pornography videos.  She has made about seven pornography videos so far, and in them she acts just like the 34 year old school teacher girlfriend that I used to have, that no one would have guessed how horny she was.

Very few of Linzi’s YouTube viewers know that she made these pornography videos, though Linzi is promoting the nude modeling that she is now doing for some website called Patreon.  Because Linzi has been able to make some money, she is now purchasing several acres of land that she wants to plant, farm, and be able to work without wearing any clothes.

The reason why I almost didn’t make this blog post, is because women hate Linzi so much, that there is no explaining her as far as most women are concerned, and some men too.

There are some videos that Linzi has made, that would be shocking and repulsive to most people.  I wouldn’t be able to convince many people that Linzi wasn’t insane.  What I do see, and what I do know, is that there are women like Linzi who enjoy nudity, enjoy exhibiting themselves to others, enjoy sex, but don’t dare let people know because people would be so mean to them, and critical of them.

Here is one YouTube video of Linzi, where she is with a younger boyfriend shortly after her husband left her.  This younger boyfriend left her too, but I wanted to show this video where Linzi is happy, and not any different than other women her age.

1 thought on “A Blog Post About A Woman, That I Should Probably Not Make

  1. I am a woman and I can explain her very easily and with confidence. She’s crazy. She needs to professional mental health intervention, especially because it seems she has a child (who looks to be ready for Kindergarten) and she’s still breast-feeding him. She has a screw loose. (Before you assert that I must be envious, demonstrate you have the wisdom to understand that envy and/or malice isn’t behind every negative assessment a person might make.)

    If you’re going to spend time on YouTube, I recommend Wranglerstar’s channel (he’s very masculine and a fine example of a man, IMHO) or Fouch Family Off-Grid (Fouch family have very different politics from mine, but I am inspired by much of what they do).


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