Abandoned Mining Town In The Mojave Desert

I want to share another incredible video from the YouTube channel called Explore With Us.  The video below is perhaps in some ways, better than the abandoned house on the mountain outside of Searchlight, Nevada that I showed in my previous blog post.

The couple who makes these abandoned and forgotten places videos as a hobby, they could not even believe how undisturbed and undamaged this abandoned mining town was, they could not believe that vandals had not found this place yet.

In some of the primitive, rustic cabins, the owners had left securely stored food, utensils, cookware, stoves, books, framed photographs, and sleeping cots with blankets.  The owners did not bother to lock the doors, as there was no point, the location was so remote, people either would or wouldn’t destroy everything.

This is really hard to believe, that everything left on its own, has not been destroyed yet.

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