I Want To Show An Example Of A High Crime Area

In yesterday’s blog post, I was complaining about someone almost stealing my winter jacket that I had lain on top of a table at a truck stop.  About two weeks ago, I was complaining about a drunk driver losing control of their vehicle on a 25 mph street, and crashing through a chain link fence on the side of the road where I normally park my vehicle.  Before that, I was complaining about thefts and attempted thefts in Dickinson, North Dakota.

I am going to show one YouTube video that I saw last night, that shows how bad crime can get, when people, neighbors, the police, and the courts don’t do anything to crack down on crime.  This video was taken in Tacoma, Washington, it shows an average house, in an average neighborhood, where throughout the day, people who pass by, continually try to steal packages from this house.  Can you imagine this happening in Dickinson?

After you have watched the above video, do you see that blacks, whites, pedestrians, and motorists, all try to steal a package from this house, basically everyone.  If the people in Dickinson don’t crack down on crime, meaning neighbors keeping an eye on each others’ property, police making a serious effort to catch thieves, and prosecutors and courts punishing criminals appropriately, Dickinson will become just like this.

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