Sarah Jennings-Trustem, Queen Of Dickinson!

I was reading the Dickinson Press newspaper on January 4, and I saw an article where Sarah Jennings-Trustem has been pronounced Queen of Dickinson, or something like that.  I saw her photograph, and I felt that I knew her from somewhere.  Yes, I remember, she was formerly Sarah Jennings, Duchess of Marlborough.

I wondered, is she married?  With a name like Jennings-Trustem, a hyphenated name like that, you don’t know if this was passed on, or if they originated it.  I did my research, and I came to my conclusion, which I am not quite ready to let this cat out of the bag yet.

With Royalty, they are never going to show much nudity on their own Facebook page, so you have to go and look at other people’s Facebook pages, which I did.  I found some photographs of her in a bathing suit, and she is a nice looking young lady.

I did read that she is a City of Dickinson Commissioner, which is kind of a stuffy thing to be.  However, she had been a bartender, so I think that this evens things out.  I was relieved to see that she graduated from Dickinson High School, and not Trinity High School, but then she went to Dickinson State University, and later the University of Mary, so I can’t tell whether she is Good or Evil.

Since she is not quite 30 years old yet, I am not going to just automatically put her on my  website list, “List Of Attractive Women In Dickinson”, like I did for City Attorney Jan Murtha, because she might still be too wild.

I believe that I read her Coronation Ceremony will be January 15.

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