Merry Christmas And Happy New Year To Heather Louise Gower

For those of you not familiar with my blog website, I live in Dickinson, North Dakota, and I write about Dickinson, North Dakota.  Readers of my website would say, that what I write is negative about 80% of the time.

My biggest complaint about Dickinson, is that there is a shortage of women, and a scarcity of attractive women.  There was an Oil Boom in Dickinson that occurred from 2007 through 2014, that brought many men to Dickinson.  The ratio of men to women in Dickinson is still probably 3:1.

Prior to the Oil Boom, and even now, attractive women do not want to live in western North Dakota because it is so barren, desolate, cold, with no where to go and nothing to do.  It was -31 degrees Fahrenheit this morning.  Most attractive women, take or make any opportunity to get out of here.

I have been in Dickinson for five years now.  I have compiled a list on my website titled, “List Of Attractive Women In Dickinson, North Dakota”, and I am up to a count of 23 attractive women within a 100 mile radius of Dickinson.  Most of these women on this list are married.

The only attractive women that I ever get to see, are on the internet.  About two months ago, Facebook began including in my list of “Friend Suggestions” or “People You May Know”, profiles of attractive women from around the world.  One of the Facebook profiles that stood out, was Maddie Gower of Pennsylvania.

I looked at Maddie Gower’s Facebook profile, and then I looked at Maddie’s mother’s Facebook profile, Heather Louise.  Both Maddie and her mother Heather Louise post several photographs to their Facebook profiles each day, and they each receive about 100 comments to their photos each day, from mostly men, from around the world.

I conversed with Maddie on Facebook, and I tried to make her aware and voiced my concern that she had disclosed too much personal information about herself, considering that her Facebook profile might get 1,000 views per day.  Maddie was aware of everything.

Though Maddie is beautiful, she is often mean, and sometimes cruel.  This is a common characteristic of young attractive women.  She doesn’t think about other’s feelings sometimes, or often times.

Maddie’s mother Heather has much more patience.  Heather is always, always pleasant, positive, thoughtful, considerate, and nice.  There are many things that I like about Heather.

She has a male golden retriever named “Teddy” who she buys treats and toys for.  She has several Siamese cats which she probably looks at as her children.  She likes flowers, and she likes to plant and grow flowers.

Heather likes to shop for clothes, try on clothes, model clothes, and take photographs of herself trying on clothes.  I admire and appreciate that Heather cares about her appearance, diets, exercises, and maintains a youthful appearance.  All of Heather’s Facebook commentors feel the same way.

Like most or all of Heather’s Facebook viewers, I wanted to send her a Christmas card.  I bought a Christmas card and I made a music CD with fifteen of my favorite songs, and I mailed it to Heather.  My Christmas card addressed to Heather arrived on December 24, and her daughter Maddie got it out of the mail.

Maddie confiscated the Christmas card and the music CD that I sent to her mother.  I knew that this was a possibility before I sent it to her.  I began wondering how anyone could send anything to Heather without her daughter intercepting it.

I realized that if one of Heahter’s Facebook viewers, wanted to send flowers to Heather, they could place an order with a local florist, and the florist could contact Heather to come and pick her flowers up.  So, I looked on the internet to try to find a good local florist, and I found one.  I sent an e-mail to this florist, explaining that Heather’s Facebook viewers would like to send flowers to Heather, without them being intercepted and thrown in the garbage.  I gave Heather’s address to this local florist, so that they could contact her.

I would like for Heather to feel appreciated.  With her oldest daughter Maddie who is 20, and her youngest daughter Emma who is 19, I think that Heather has just gone through 20 years of doing things for other people, giving up things for other people, and no one noticing as much as they should have.

Please visit the website of Inspirations Floral Studio of Lock Haven Pennsylvania:

24 E Main Street
Lock HavenPA17745
phone: (570) 748-8028
If you place an order for flowers for Heather, be sure to let Inspirations Floral Studio know to contact Heather to come and pick up her flowers, otherwise her daughter will confiscate them and throw them away.

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