Skank Girls In The South

Skank girls start out in life being disadvantaged and underpriviledged.  They are likely destined to repeat the tragic life cycle of their forbearers.

Often, they have some physical mark on them, a birth mark, freckles, or a scar that lets them know from when they are a little girl, that they are damaged.  They look in the mirror when they are seven years old, and they know that they will never be a cheerleader, prom queen, or a beauty pageant winner.  The scar on their cheek is so long and deep from the cat scratch, it will never go away.

Their mother gave birth to them when she was eighteen years old.  When they were three years old, their father got arrested and sent to prison for armed robbery.  Later that year, their mother was drunk and she ran into a tree with her Chevy Monte Carlo, killing herself.

The little skank girl has just vague memories of what her mother was like.  Her clearest memories are of riding around with her mother in her silver Chevy Monte Carlo that she was later killed in.  Riding around with the windows open, her mother’s long brown hair whipping around in the wind, stopping and talking to people, handing them packages.  The little skank girl knew that her mother was delivering drugs.

She was staying with her grandmother quite a bit of the time, before her mother’s death.  Her grandmother was only 42 years old, but she looked older than this.  Her grandmother always seemed to be anxious and worried.  Her grandmother was always worried that something was going to happen to someone, or someone was going to get into trouble.  This is all that ever happened mostly, in her grandmother’s life.

When the little skank girl’s mother died, it did not come as a shock or surprise so much to her grandmother.  The grandmother was equally as burdened with the death of her daughter, as she was with the knowledge that she would have to raise her granddaughter.  It was not the work, the expense, or the responsibility, that frightened her, it was that she didn’t know if she could stand raising another one of these girls.

Both of her daughters were dead.  They were very much alike.  They were pretty girls, and not bad girls, at first.  They were outgoing, adventuresome, fun loving, and not scared of anything when they were kids.  After they went through puberty, all the boys were interested in them.  They could not go anywhere without boys noticing them.  Rather than spending time with boys their own age, they went with boys who were older than them, who were wild, who had motorcycles, cars, and money.

There was nothing she could do to stop them.  She was a single mother, who had to go to work every day.  She was informed by the school that her daughters were not going to school sometimes, and sometimes leaving school early.  Her daughters were not scared of anything that she threatened them with.  She realized that if she threatened to kick them out of her house, they would just go and live with their friends.

The only way that the grandmother thought that she could cope with raising her four year old granddaughter, was to not get emotionally involved.

All of these things that I have described above, are the origins of skank girls:  being born to young, pretty, wild women; being the offspring of parents who are wild and don’t care; being raised by people who do not provide them with very much.

A young skank girl begins school in the South, with all the teachers and all the administrators knowing about her circumstances.  They know all about her father, her mother, what they did, and that she is now being raised by her grandmother.  They generally don’t approve of anything her parents did, and they can see the same thing coming from her one day.

Some of the teachers look at the young skank girl, and she looks exactly like her mother when they had her as a student.  Some of the women that drop off or pick their children up from school, look at the young skank girl, and know whose child she must be.  Since nothing but bad things ever happen to anyone in her family, they don’t want their children to have much to do with her.

After school, the other children may go to dance class, karate class, or piano lessons, but the skank girl has been instructed to go straight home, go inside, and remain inside.  The grandmother does not want any problems.  No, she can’t have anyone over, nor can she go over to anyone’s house.  She can’t go anywhere, and she can’t go outside and play.

The skank girl, because of her background, is not likely to be invited to any children’s birthday parties or play dates.  In school she listens to what other children do, and what their lives are like.  She listens to what it is like to go to Chuck E Cheese Pizza, Disney World, and Sea World.

Being deprived of being able to participate in the world, makes young skank girls become observers of the world.  As a six year old or seven year old, they become aware that the more affluent families, with both a mother and a father, are able to drop their children off at school and pick them up in the afternoon.  They observe that the unmarried school teacher women are more anxious and tense, than the married school teacher women who are more calm and confident.  Not being allowed to participate, and only being permitted to observe, gives young skank girls the opportunity to develop a more thorough understanding of the world than other children.  Also, they learn to keep their thoughts and feelings inside, because they have no one to share them with.

The skank girls growing up in a household where they aren’t given very much, aren’t paid attention to, are not allowed to participate, and have no one to talk to, makes them stronger, less able to be controlled, and more likely to do whatever they want.  As they develop, get bigger, and get smarter, they are more inclined to do what they want.  What are you going to threaten to take away from them, if they don’t do what you want, they never ever had anything.  What are you going to threaten to deprive them of, if they don’t do what you want, they were never allowed to do anything.

The skank girls might have been weaker and more easy to control if they would have been spoiled.  If they had been trained to behave and get a puppy, behave and get to go to a Hannah Montana concert, behave and get a Ford Mustang, they might be controllable.

The girls in elementary school have their friends and their cliques.  They want to be popular, they want to be important.  The skank girls don’t want any attention, they want to be unnoticed.  They are aware that they are being treated differently, and they know why.  In elementary school, the pale skinny skank girl may not have any friends.  She may have to sit next to the aloof overweight fat little boy at lunch, or the only black girl in class.  These circumstances only make the skank girl stronger.

By the end of elementary school, the skank girls do begin getting attention.  Boys, girls, and adults begin looking at them longer, trying to discern what they are going to look like, perceiving some beauty in them.

By high school, the skank girls are getting a lot of attention, attention that they did not want, and did not seek.  They are skinny, attractive, and quiet.  They are not fake, phony, gossipy, or childish.  Though they did not want this attention, it gives them a sense of power and opportunity.

The boys and the men take a strong interest in the skank girls.  The skank girls seem independent, mature, and more like adult women.  The popular girls, the cheerleaders, and the homecoming queens don’t like this, and they fear that their boyfriends will go after the skank girl.

The poor, skinny, freckled skank girl, whose mother is dead, and whose father is in prison, the men now want her, and the other women are jealous of her.

1 thought on “Skank Girls In The South

  1. i enjoyed reading this. I feel like our brains operate in the same capacity.
    I’m not sure if I was a ‘skank girl’ but I allowed things to happen to me because I thought I deserved the degredation. I grew up feeling like I should be ashamed. Not knowing exactly what it was I was supposed to be ashamed of, but that I was different and deserved it. Whatever, exactly, it was.
    I realized as an adult why I was a dirt magnet and it was because my father was an abusive alcoholic and raped my sister when she was 16, I was 5, because he ‘thought she looked like my mother at that age’ and couldn’t tell the difference. I had no idea as a kid. I hated my dad, I just didn’t know why. Maybe because he’d sporadically rape my mother.
    He died at 52 from lung cancer. I was 21. My boyfriend at the time was an Airborne Army Ranger and I loved him so much and was so scared he was gonna cheat on me while at Mardi Gras or Myrtle Beach or wherever there were skinny blondes without morals. So I cheated on him constantly. Because I welcomed the feeling of worthlessness. See, we don’t enjoy the attention. We repeat patterns from our chilidhood that are comforting, no matter how sick they may be.
    I am a woman and can see how some men hate us. What you are hating is the idea of what a woman should be like and realizing it is imaginary. Life is imaginary.
    I put this comment here in the right place this time. Apologies for my previous (and very first!) post that didn’t belong.


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