Concluding Remarks About Hot Women

Several days ago, I wrote a blog post titled “Disappointment With The Hottest Girl In Dickinson, North Dakota”.  In that blog post, I described that I liked the Hottest Girl in Dickinson, but after meeting her a few more times and trying to talk to her, I found that she was unwilling or unable to express herself in complete sentences.  She was very difficult to talk to.

She was good at making clever comments, saying funny things, being animated, being funny, and getting attention.  I began to realize that she was mostly interested in getting attention.  Eventually, perhaps because she became tired or bored, she more or less said that she thought that she was hot, that she was highly sought after, and that she could do whatever she wanted to.

I immediately lost interest in her.  I didn’t think that anything good would come from knowing her, or becoming friends with her.

Yesterday, I was sitting at home watching television, and I switched channels to watch a relatively new situation comedy called “2 Broke Girls”.  This situation comedy is about a young, dark haired, large breasted, lower class waitress, who befriends a down on her luck, young, upper class, tall thin blond girl.  Both women work at the same restaurant, and they also live together.

Watching two episodes of “2 Broke Girls”, the show was funny.  The two young women are constantly making lewd, vulgar, crude, sexual, racial, nasty, and inappropriate comments.  They are always having problems, doing something that they shouldn’t be doing, and getting into trouble.  After mid-way through the third episode, it was no longer funny.

Everything was funny and a joke to the two young women.  Many people were the targets of their lewd, vulgar, crude, and nasty comments.  They were always having problems and getting into trouble.  And all they would do was make clever comments, make stupid comments, and continue to do stupid things.  It was no longer funny, it was irritating, and I no longer wanted to watch this television show.  I hope that no young women model their behavior after women on television who behave like this, but I am afraid that they probably do.

This is very much how the Hottest Girl in Dickinson behaved.  Constantly making witty comments, suggestive comments, funny comments, and stupid comments.  And also always having problems and trouble.  Both the women on the television show “2 Broke Girls”, and the Hottest Girl in Dickinson, believed that they could get away with everything, and get out of anything, because they were attractive.

This attitude is repugnant to me, when women think that they are so attractive that they can get away with everything, and get out of anything.  This leads to nothing but problems and trouble.  I will give a couple of real life examples.

When I first came to work in Dickinson in 2011, I started work at a company one week before someone who I will call “Danny”.  Danny was 42 years old, and he came over from Montana.  I stayed in my truck camper on the company property, and Danny slept in a mini van that he had borrowed from a relative.  Danny had recently married a younger woman, and he left her with his Chevy Blazer back in Montana.

Danny started making about $1,200 per week, and he began looking for a town home for he and his wife to live in.  Danny called his wife every day to let her know how things were going.  With Danny making $1,200 per week, his young wife wanted to know if she could go buy a new Dodge truck for herself.  Danny told her no, he had to get a place for the two of them to live first.

Danny was in tears one morning, sobbing.  The company manager had to do something with him.  We all found out later that day what had happened.  Danny’s wife emptied every savings account, and every checking account, and took his Chevy Blazer to a Dodge dealer, signed over the Blazer title, though her name was not on the title, and bought herself a new Dodge 1500 truck, and she put it in her name.  She took about $24,000 and Danny’s Chevy Blazer, and she left him with absolutely nothing, not even a vehicle.  They had been married for about six months.  She told him on the telephone, to go fuck himself, that she was done with him.

If that would have happened to me, I would have cut her head off.  It would have been a mistake for any woman to think that she was so attractive that she could get away with everything, and get out of anything.  I would expect someone to kill me, if I did something as bad as to take everything that they owned.  It is irritating to me, and it angers me, that any person thinks that they are somehow exempted from the same rules as everyone else, and that they are excused from the consequences of what they do.

Two more, real life examples:

When I was an estimator and project coordinator at a specialty construction company in Florida, one of the new young crew workers went to work on a construction project about three hundred miles away.  This was before people had internet capable cell phones, and on line banking.  This young man would endorse his pay checks, and mail them back to his girlfriend.  He talked to his girlfriend regularly on the telephone after work, and he reminded her to please mail in his truck payment.  She never made one truck payment.  His truck was repossessed while he was working out of town far away from home, and he didn’t even know it.  You go girl!

When I was in high school, one of my father’s friends named Jerry went to work in Saudi Arabia for over one year.  He sent all of his money each month back to his wife.  He expected to have about $40,000 in the bank when he got home after working for over a year in Saudi Arabia.  When Jerry got home, he didn’t have any money at all, his wife had taken up with another man while he was gone, and she and her boyfriend had spent all of the money that he had sent home.  What’s wrong with that?

You can’t expect anything good to come from women that don’t take anything seriously, make stupid comments about everything, and think that they can get away with everything, and get out of anything.

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