Disappointment With The Hottest Girl In Dickinson, North Dakota

In a previous recent blog post, I wrote about meeting the hottest girl in Dickinson, North Dakota.  I wrote that I am normally not very interested in “hot” women, because they are so much trouble.

Several months ago I wrote a blog post titled “List Of Attractive Women In Dickinson, North Dakota”.  The criteria for being on that list, was that the woman be attractive, civil, decent, and respectable.  Being “hot” was not one of the criteria.  I would not put any woman on that list that would bring dishonor to the other women.  Some of the women on my list of attractive women in Dickinson, I have known for more than several years.  I am not disappointed or displeased with any of the women on my list of attractive women in Dickinson.  I am proud of them, and the way that they conduct themselves.

After only spending a few hours with “the hottest girl in Dickinson, North Dakota”, I not only have lost interest in her, I am repulsed by her.  I am ashamed of myself for not having better judgement.

I was infatuated with her for about ten days.  I looked forward to seeing her.  I was able to speak to her some, but not as much as I would have liked.  What little I was able to say to her, she had no interest in.  When I was around her, I was able to listen to what she had to say to other people.  She seemed witty and clever.  She also seemed to have a good attitude, and a good disposition.

I talked to two of her women friends, who I have known for a couple of years.  They did not have anything wonderful and amazing to say about her, which surprised me, because I thought that she was impressive.  I concluded that these two women friends of hers were just jealous.

When I got another chance to speak to “the hottest girl in Dickinson, North Dakota”, nothing that I had to say was very interesting to her.  I instead ended up talking to someone from the South, like me.  The person from the South, wanted to talk to me, more than I wanted to talk to them, because I was there to see the girl that I was infatuated with.  I ended up talking to several people that I had no intention of talking to.

The other people that I was talking to, what they were saying was not very interesting to “the hottest girl in Dickinson, North Dakota.”  What they were saying, was completely reasonable, intelligent, and they were expressing things that were important and significant to them.  I began to realize, that the hot girl, was not willing or able to talk about anything.  She could make faces, make funny expressions, say stupid things that were funny, but not have a conversation that involved speaking in complete sentences to express a point, opinion, or convey much information.

The hot girl’s behavior was all about getting attention.  The way she acted, and what she said, was all about her getting attention.  She had gotten my attention by wearing tight jeans, a tight tank top, and by making witty and clever comments.  This worked in getting me to like her.  But when I tried to find out more about her, it was painfully difficult.  Like I said, she was unwilling or unable to talk about anything, only able to make funny comments and funny faces.

Finally, what she did manage to reveal about herself, was that she thought that she was hot, that she was highly sought after, and that she could do what ever she wanted.  This was all I needed to know.  I no longer wanted to have anything to do with her.

What I was hoping to find out, was what kinds of things she liked to do, what did she enjoy, what did she look forward to, what did she want to do.  From finding these things out, I could know more about what kind of person she was.  Was she honest, trustworthy, reliable, compassionate, considerate, kind, loyal, affectionate, hardworking, ambitious, open minded, educated, intelligent….?  My answer was, no.  Since her perception of reality was that she was hot, highly sought after, and that she could do whatever she wanted, I could not expect anything good to come from her.

On my list of attractive women in Dickinson, there are some women that just happen to be hot.  But these hot women, tone down their hotness for the sake of other men, their husbands, and their children.  They disregard their hotness, and they work hard, educate themselves, advance in their careers, take care of others, are considerate to others, take an interest in others, pursue hobbies, and are involved in the community.

I should have known better.  There are expressions in the Bible about “strange women”, whose path leads to destruction and her ways are death.  Does a good tree produce bad fruit, and a bad tree produce good fruit?  A tree will be known by its fruit.

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