There Are Some Things That Women Don’t Understand About Women

I recently wrote two blog posts where I mentioned my decision to not romantically pursue the women on my list of attractive women in Dickinson, because I like them, and I do not want to ruin their life.  In the past, several women have made comments to my blog posts, writing that they were sure that women didn’t like me.

There are some things that women don’t understand about other women.  Many times, women can’t see what other women find attractive in a man.  In order to explain this, I will focus on just one reason in this blog post.

I am going to try to not be insensitive about this.  I am writing this partly to explain my point, and partly to give women information that they need to know.

In a state far, far away, I was doing self-employed construction work on a very expensive house, in a very wealthy and exclusive neighborhood.  The owner of the house, was a successful medical doctor about my age, who owned and operated several medical facilities.

His wife, was also about my age.  She was very beautiful.  She was thin and athletic, very much like a fashion model in appearance.  She was very friendly to me.  She liked to talk to me.

When her husband was away at work, she would wear a white button up blouse, that was unbuttoned, and no bras.  She would wear short, cut off jean shorts.  She would sit and talk to me, so that I could see everything, and when I would get caught looking, she would just smile at me.

I liked her, and she liked me.  We would talk the whole time that I worked.  She told me very early on, that she had just had a hysterectomy.  She could no longer become pregnant.  She invited me to her second home, a couple of hours away, in a resort town.

I liked her, and she knew that I liked her.  I just never began kissing her and making love to her, though that is what she wanted.  I was partly scared that her husband would come home, he could leave work whenever he wanted, and he would throw her out of the house.  I did not have a good place for her to live, and I did not want her to lose everything that she had.  I could not come close to replacing everything that she would lose.

After having more experiences like this with other women, that recently had had hysterectomies, I came to find out that the estrogen replacement drug, Premarin, does in fact work very well in replacing female hormones.  This drug works so well, that the women who are taking it, find healthy males to be very attractive, and they begin to have sexual attraction that they have not experienced in years.  Plus, they have the urge to have sex, and they have absolutely no chance of becoming pregnant.

So, something that some women don’t understand about other women, is that there are times in the lives of women, when they are very attracted to men and want to be romantically involved, and the reasons aren’t apparent to others.  Just one reason, the topic of this blog post, is female hormone replacement therapy.

Unfortunately, I know too much now.  I know too many ways in which women are vulnerable, so I have to be very careful not to seduce women, or I would ruin their lives, and the lives of their husbands and children.

I have complained about there being a shortage of women, and a scarcity of attractive women in Dickinson.  I never have wanted to take somebody else’s girlfriend or somebody else’s wife, that is why I complained about prostitution not being allowed in Dickinson.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t get a girlfriend, it was that I didn’t want to take somebody else’s girlfriend or wife away from them, and then I wouldn’t have a place to keep her, or maybe I wouldn’t even want to keep her.


(To those who read this blog post and think, “You idiot!  Why, why didn’t you have sex with her!  That is what she wanted!  That was the chance of a lifetime!  She couldn’t get pregnant, she wouldn’t leave her husband”…..  I felt like I was doing the right thing at the time.  I still sometimes see her, and she still likes me, and I still like her, and I am glad that it turned out this way.)

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